Covid-19 New changes to the Law in Australia

Last Update: April 18, 2020

As you already know this Coronavirus has affected the world along many being affected with the virus alongside unfortunately many deaths as a result.

Since the virus has affected so many there are those scumbags who think it is funny to cough or spit on others.

This is such a stupid act to do even before this Covid-19 came upon us all

At the moment the NSW Police (NSW a state on the Eastern Coast of Australia) has powers to fine these scumbags for spiting and/coughing on Health workers and those in the front line such as Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Pharmacists along with Police.

Now enough is enough as of tomorrow Australia time 20th April 2020 this law will now be extended to apply to all who do such vile acts upon others including in the workplace and anywhere else.

I read recently a couple of youths decided to cough and spit on an elderly couple walking along the road.

Another case was a women (if you could call her that) got arrested after supermarket staff reported her to the Police for spitting on Bannanas in the stalls.

There have been cases of such morons coughing and spitting on supermarket staff especially when the toilet paper and other essentials debacle started.

One checkout operator was coughed at because she refused a refund for a valid reason I am sure.

These are just some of the low acts some do and especially thiese young youths think it's a great prank to be coughing and spitting on people just to scare them so they can get their laughs.

Pathetic isn’t it.

So hopefully, these people will learn a lesson I doubt it as scumbags will be scumbags.

Let’s hope that those who have already been victims of such abuse are all OK and nothing serious occurs.

What are your thoughts in your country as such acts.

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MerLev Premium
It is always disgusting when you hear of such actions happening in reality anywhere in the world.

As if it is not hard enough having to deal with the virus itself. With any luck, the virus may get them first. After all, what goes round comes around, doesn't it?

This is the time to show compassion and share love ….

I really feel for the medical workers working in countries with covid-19. Salutes to them and may God bless and protect them and their families.

I pray that there be no newly infected persons by covid-19; may all covid-19 patients recover and let there be no more deaths due to covid-19!
apache1 Premium
Agree Mere

It is a bad action to take on any given day but now the craziness it overtaking their bad habit further and not in any positive way.

Karma is on their tail I am sure of it.

Thanks for the comment appreciated.
YMerritt Premium
It is fun and funny for them now, however, what they do not realize is that they will eventually be in an older group. Time does not stand still for anyone and when they age up into another group, karma will remind them of their past behaviors. Thanks for the update.
apache1 Premium
Yep if they live that long still Karma has it own ways
Take care
Talk2Ray Premium
It is a sad commentary on society Andrej. It does happen everywhere.
I am not sure that laws will change much, obviously, they will punish the offenders.
It would be a nice thing if one day we could witness a society where people respect one another but that seems like a pipe dream.
Just thinking.
megawinner Premium
With things going, that's farfetched. I still wish one day that pipe dream will come.
apache1 Premium
Yes, Ray, it would be nice to see a much more respectable society unfortunately they will always be some that don't care and do otherwise.
Hopefully, these will actually get caught and fined as too many seem to get away with it.

You both take care of yourself too.

AffFranE82 Premium
Sometimes I just can't figure people out and perhaps that is a good thing. Life is hard enough with people not working and business shutting down I understand the need to relax and not take things too seriously. Nevertheless there are a lot better ways. We all should come together and help one another. A sad world we love in ya.
apache1 Premium
Guess the main thing is to figure ourselves out first.

That would be the best thing to do.

Then we can work out ways to help others for the better.

Enjoy your week ahead and stay safe and sound.

Momo722 Premium
Sure things. We need to talk the same language everywhere about the virus. and then define our priorities, so together and only together we can get rip of this Covid-19. I live in New York , but things are really serious ... hope everyone is safe !
Cfisher80 Premium
People can be so horrible at times and some just live like that. We will never understand why they do.

What keeps me going is that there are some fantastic people out there who do amazing things. They never take credit for being good people.

The Benefit is the we are able to choose who we mix with. In turn we get to avoid negativity and people who don’t care.

Hence we get to build networks of like minded people.

Have a great weekend and a great post which I enjoyed reading.

Best wishes

apache1 Premium
Thanks Craig

Yes we may never understand the full reason.

Many have issues behind their lives, some are simply spurred on by the groups they people associate with and there are some when you think yep they walk amongst us and what the hell were they thinking.

Fortunately, we have more good folk out there just like we have mostly good folk here within WA.

Enjoy all before you and have a great week ahead.