Amazon A Store Is Closing

Last Update: October 22, 2017

If haven't heard the news about Amazon a store is closing soon. What next for many of us that rely on the promoting product with the a store. Below is a pretty good article I wanted to share with you.

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LouisaB Premium
Amazon closes one store, and will soon be opening the biggest market right here in New England. 30 or more billions is a lot to bring to this state. I am elated, it will be walking distance from where I live. Will keep you posted !
phildora Premium
Thank you Anthony for sharing this important reminder.
jtaienao Premium
Thanks Anthony for sharing this.
JulietAA Premium
Thanks Anthony
For this information
Pernilla Premium
Thank you Anthony for sharing this important news.
MichelleV1 Premium
That is something we really need to know.
Thanks for the info!
mikewood1975 Premium
Every time I log into my associates account it says in red letters they are closing the a store on 10/27/2017.
TheOldGuy Premium
I had an astore at one time that for some reason a welding technical school had selected to do their purchasing through. It was nice to see those commissions every month for welding rod, googles, and welding gloves. After several years, they moved on, and I don't think that a-store has done another dime in commissions. It did well for a minimum of effort.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Anthony.