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5 years with Wealthy Affiliate - Quitting is not an option Has it been that long here in the community- I've learned so much and still learning every single day. The knowledge WA shares with us in incredible, I've grown so much since that very first day when I joined back on December 15, 2015. They tell that most people end up quitting within the first 6 months of joining Wealthy Affiliate. I can't tell you why? it can be for several reasons. Maybe this is for them, or they don't see any money
What Are Some Key Elements Your Homepage Should Have?You only have a second to capture your visitor attention and make an impression. Your homepage should be the most important page you need to think about. Why simply because this is your chance to convert your visitors into the lead or possible long-life customers. HeadlineAs I mention you only have a couple of seconds to tell your visitor what they can expect from your website. Use attention-grabbing headline keep it clear and simple.Sub-head
What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Idea? It never fails you have a good idea that attracts a lot of attention. You work hours, weeks, months researching your idea and someone comes along an steal your idea that you been working on for quite someone. Yes, it does happen and downright sucks. Of course, people could tell you to cowboy up and let it go..just forget about it... What do you do when people are getting paid off of your hard work? How would you react? Have you been a victim of the
Discover The Best Ways To Invest In Yourself & Why You ShouldBest ways to invest In yourself for life change results is investing in new learning skills that will have a life-changing effect. Invest In YouWhether you are tapping into own creativity or hiring someone to teach you. The end results should be about you. It's our responsibility to dive deep into ourselves to develop our gifts and talents. The best ways to invest in yourself. Love yourself before you can expect others to do the s
I've been flying under the radar for a while..When I first started here at WA. I watched many members had success with their online. I knew one day my hard work would pay off some..So I step back and took a serious look at my site...I wanted to know the who want when where and how about my business simply because I not only believe in AS but also in myself ...I believe in my dream..and Now I've been receiving commission checks every month with my online affiliate business. Here is one of those
When it's come to enjoying wealthy affiliate. it's like enjoying your favorite drink. If you're the kind of person who likes the fine taste of good red wine then that's the perfect time to really enjoy being a good connoisseur. OK, you might not like wine, but you can do the come with a cup of tea or a fine cup of coffee or maybe a glass of freshly squeeze of your favorite juices. Take a sipped and let it sit in your mouth for a few second. Then breathe aroma and allow yourself to fully experi
October 22, 2017
If haven't heard the news about Amazon a store is closing soon. What next for many of us that rely on the promoting product with the a store. Below is a pretty good article I wanted to share with you. Read the article http://www.business2community....
What's Stopping You From Starting Your Dreams or Growing Your Blog?Most people are excited about the concept of starting a blog. The idea seems like a good opportunity to really do something they always wanted to do. Even though it sounds good, but most people don't move forward with their dreams for some particular reason. You might be experiencing this feeling right now at this moment. So wanted to ask you a simple question. What's stopping you from starting your dream? Believe it not there i
First off I like to say I love blogging, I enjoyed when people leave comments saying the at they enjoyed reading the post. I love that fact that many say I'm very productive in creating good content for my website. People tell they like all my writing material and wonder how I come up with so many ideas. This is all good news to me, but deep down inside, I wonder why they can't see the sweet and grind it takes to achieve it. Why can't they see the struggles that come with blogging? If you ever
October 09, 2017
From time to time you might receive negative thoughts about WA on your blog. Yes, it's going to make you a little upset, because your views are different from those who speak down on wealthy affiliate. No matter how good the opportunity may seem. No matter how well the training is laid out. No matter how bright the future can be. There's always be someone who blames the business for their own failure. There's always someone blaming others for not having success. They spread negative thought abo