How To Be Successful

Last Update: November 23, 2021

How to be successful?

The answer is so simple that most people do not believe.

Success is about doing the same tasks that have worked, again and again, no matter how mundane they are.

That's it.

If you want more sales, just keep doing the same thing that made your first sales.

If you want to be a successful speaker, just keep on practicing public speaking.

Think about it.

A successful singer sings almost everyday.

A successful salesman repeats the same sales pitch almost everyday.

Every successful person has one thing in common:

They keep on doing what they did right, again and again, no matter how mundane it is.

What do losers do?

Losers abhor mundane tasks.

They only do things that interest them or things they have to do.

Let me ask you...

Do you like singing? If you do, how about singing everyday, will you get bored? If that were not enough, how about sing the same song everyday? That's what a professional singer does.

Or take motivational speakers for example. They have to repeat the same presentation in every seminar, not to mention the countless of practicing they have done behind the scene. You think it is interesting or boring?

I created my website, kcancerdotcom and focus on healthy related topics. As soon as I have time, I generate posts. It was boring and tough in the begining since I did the same thing again and again, but I didn't see traffic to my site and earned few dollars or nothing a month from Adsense.

After more than one year's writing and posting in the site, I finally see traffic to my website and earn more and more money.

With this successful experience, I have been creating more niche websites and doing the same thing again and again.

It didn't take long for the new websites to start getting traffic and making money from Adsense and other sources. Some websites made $50 a month. Better ones can make more.

Few years down the road, I had accumulated many websites, earning money from different sources.

Sounds good right?

What did I do to achieve that?

Nothing really spectacular.

I just kept doing the mundane task of creating content websites again and again.

Remember, success is about doing the same tasks that have worked, again and again, no matter how mundane they are.

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To Your Success,


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EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Simple, but profound. Sometimes we like to believe that it must be complicated to work. Quite the contrary. Thanks for driving this home.

But there is the condition that the member must find a way to do something that provides that first check. Like you emphasized, when the WA formula is followed, that will occur in time.

Once it does, then the member has the blueprint of what actions to keep repeating.


Anthonyhu Premium
Thanks for your insight. I agree with you that WA provide a simply profound systemn for our business. Cheers! Anthony
ElizabethRo2 Premium
Great post, and you’re right on point, it has finally sunken in that I have to repeat the right action over and over again to be successful.

Thanks for sharing.
Anthonyhu Premium
Yes, this is way to go and it is getting easier and easier if we stick to this principle.
rjkennedy Premium
Makes sense to me! Thanks for sharing my friend.
Anthonyhu Premium
Thanks for support.
Bridges Premium
Sounds practical, Anthony. So why don't more people do it?
Anthonyhu Premium
Most people including me think something too big and want to do somethinig big and great. In fact, doing small right thing again and again is the way to succeed.
Newme202 Premium
You're on point
Repetition is the mother of all learning.
Awesome advice and recommendations
Anthonyhu Premium
You are on the way to succeed very soon.
Newme202 Premium
Awesome ;)