Whether you think you can or cannot either way you are right

Last Update: Feb 19, 2015


Sometimes i feel unmotivated in working on my website and i feel like who am i kidding. I am not good enough, i am not smart enough so that i can have successful online website but then i always remember the famous Henry Ford's words "whether you think you can or you cannot either way you are right".

So if i have a choice to decide whether i can be successful or not i might as well choose to be successful and to say to myself yes i can.

Looking for keywords, rankings and all that stuff is secondary but this is primary. First you have to decide that yes you can and then the all other stuff comes to play so we might all as well decide that yes we can.

Cheers to all of our successes.

from Ante learner and traveler on this journey.

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I forgot who said that

Some good words there. Sometimes I also lose the motivation but it is not because I believe I cannot do it .. I know I can.

Just sometimes regular life chores step in the way and drag you away from your frame of mind.

Wishing you well


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