February Referral Goal

Last Update: Feb 10, 2014


If I put my goal in writing and publically - then I shall achieve it! Right? Yes of course.

My goal for February is to have 10 referrals - just to break that invisible wall. I have yet to build a Wealthy Affiliate promoting website (still doing Bootcamp), but I am sharing links socially etc.

I have finally published my niche website - but it is still lacking a lot of content. Baby steps every day.

If I can reach my goal(s) for this year - then soon I can walk the streets of Kyrkhult, Sweden (in the picture) every summer. Love California - but still miss home.

So, 10 referrals in February! Now you can all hold me accountable.

Thanks for reading.


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I'll be keeping track! Good luck and let us know how it goes :)

Thanks! So far I'm pretty much at 0 - but hey it's only the 11th yet!!!

You can do it! Keep up the good work.

All the best annika. you will get through

I like that you not just have a financial goal (10 referrals for Feb), but a visual physical goal (visiting Sweden this summer).
Best of luck :)

Hi Annika! I applaud your goals! Here's sending you lot's of support that you will reach your goal and be able to spend your summers in your beloved country.

We can do it!! We will both get to go home. I will go to Japan and you will go to Sweden. There is no place like home.

Well, you just going to have to achieve it now ;-)

Ha en superfin dag! :)

Tack Karina!1

Good job Anna.

Great referral goals. I wrote mine down on a piece of paper the other day and I am trying to get anywhere between 25-30 a month.

Best wishes to you!


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