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Joined May 2019
It is a very exciting opportunity to join the WA community!
There are so many topics I am interested in, and I am hopeful of turning those interests into profits.

My professional background includes governmental social services work, as well as experience with policy development, contract development, and compliance management.

I look forward to learning new strategies to make my business as strong as possible, and following through to extract results.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
$1.5 million per year
Money I would be ecstatic earning
$5 million per year
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
I will be working on my business goals most of my spare time. The idea is to begin profits flowing within this year.
Goal created on
May 25, 2019
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How much money would you be happy earning?
$1.5 million per year

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
$5 million per year

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
I will be working on my business goals most of my spare time. The idea is to begin profits flowing within this year.
DrSDm Premium

If you work here with absolute dedication, these goals are very much achievable and this will happen for sure. In addition, you are getting the regular training sessions and excellent platform here in WA. We always love to help. You must ask for help to the community, whenever you needed.

Hope to see you at the top.

Best wishes.
Carson Premium
Hey Annette,

You can definitely achieve these goals and I know that you will make it happen. The key is to dedicate yourself to your training here at WA. Follow the training, take action on what you learn, and ask questions when you have them.

It all starts with a goal - you can now start working toward it!

Talk to you soon,

TDenise Premium
Have you heard of the compound effect? If not, basically, it says habits that you start today, won't usually show you results today. Instead, they'll show you results after continuing to apply them. This applies to eating healthy, losing weight, improving muscle, and business works like this as well: whether offline or online.

Wealthy Affiliate will show you the habits you'll need to apply, provide you with lots of support (between the community, the owners, the staff, and I), and they'll provide you the tools (training, domain registration, the market research tools, hosting, etc.). From there, it's up to you to take massive action.

Those who have taken massive action usually experience a learning curve as they're acquiring the new skills, but once they pass that, they're getting results ranging from earning their first $1 well into 7-figures. You can see many success stories by going to your "Dashboard". Keep your goals in mind, be graceful with yourself about the learning curve, and take massive action. I'd love to see your success story added in with the others!
Thank you!
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Robert-A Premium
Hello Annette And Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate.

Since you joined you will perhaps have come to the conclusion that internet marketing could be a steep learning curve and there will always be something new to learn.

You must keep referring to the training (it does get updated from time to time).

If you get really stuck on anything then can I suggest you browse some of the 500 blogs I have published within WA.

Feel free to send me a message anytime you get stuck and I will endeavour to point you in the right direction.

You have decided to follow me and I will follow you as well.

Have a great day.
Thank you Robert, much appreciated!
Robert-A Premium
No probs Annette and if/when you read my blogs make sure you choose the ones that will help you in conjunction with whatever training you are currently taking.

Also as you are a new member you may not be aware of this but it’s a good idea (only if you are interested in your rank within WA) to click the 'Like' icon within a comment if you like it as I have done with yours.

Obviously you don't have to click every single comment or you will be here all day doing nothing else.

But to click the ones you like that are replies to your own comments will be reflected in your WA ranking because it shows you are getting involved with the community.

Have a great Monday.
TDenise Premium
You have a great background. I'd love to see how you're going to use that in the online world. Will you be starting on a new project or optimizing an existing one?
I'm most likely an over achiever, but I have 2 new projects to launch, the one that I will be moving to optimize, and then I would love to get into hosting sites. I'm excited. The beautiful thing is once I master the art of marketing, all my projects will converge, like three little spinning circles, inside of one large circle. And then hosting becomes the fourth circle.

I will go premium in a few weeks, so I will continue working this all out. Unfortunately, my discount time will run out by the time I go premium, however, in the beginning, I did not know the discount was available when I decided to sign up. All is good.
TDenise Premium
That sounds exciting. You sound very ambitious, and I love that! Well, it sounds like there will be a lapse where we may lose communication. I'm able to coach you free for 7 days. After that, we'll lose communication until you go premium. Let me know if there's any questions or things I can help you with over the duration of the 7 days, and I'll help you the best I can.
TDenise Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Annette, My name is Tiffany, and it's likely that you just came from one of my websites. I have several websites that all fall under one mission: To empower others to live at their highest potential.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation for learning digital marketing so you can start or scale your business or ministry online! If you're a leader in the marketplace (whether in ministry, the nonprofit space, or as an entrepreneur), you need to understand digital marketing and leverage the power of it. It's used by 4 billion people in the world!

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2017 and since I've learned many things I wish I'd known before about driving traffic to my site, getting sales, and making money online in general.

Just as an example...

I started my site on How To Entrepreneur in February, began following the training here, and was able to get 10,000 visitors to the site in the second month! If I could do it with my brand new site, you can do it too if you simply follow the training. In fact, you probably could do even more because you have access to so many people here (including me) that are eager to help you.

The first thing you should do is visit the link below to get started with completing your account setup: As Special Bonus For Signing up!

1) For the Next Seven Days, you will be offered your first month of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership for only $19--that's a 59% discount!

2)You will be able to message me for free for the first 7 days and I'll coach you as I do my premium referrals here. Take advantage of that!

3)And, Access to this amazing community of over 1 million entrepreneurs

If you decide to go premium, you'll get...

-Unlimited access to private message me anytime
-You'll also have access to private message all other premium members on this platform (as you make friends with them)
-Live weekly training with Q&A
-You'll unlock even more training here (literally thousands of hours!)
-and, You get access to my free e-course "Intro to Lead Generation" where I created some training that's the perfect supplement to what you'll be learning here. It's probably 5-7 hours of video and written coursework I've personally created for you. Plus, there's some onboarding information there that will help me to coach you better.

If you take advantage of the premium membership, you will have full access to me on an ongoing basis! Whatever I know to help you start or grow your business is yours. I am here to help you with your making money online journey. Becoming Premium gives you access to all my training (in addition to many other's premium trainings from here, and 1-on-1 help from me personally!

Get started by completing the tasks I've laid out in this message, and I will be contacting you soon!

Just to get you excited, check out some of the awesome Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories on your "Dashboard". These are some of my favorites:

- I Never Really Expected To Build A Million Dollar Company
- How I Earned 9465.05 thanks to WA Members

There are so many more you'll find by typing "success" in the search bar or watching your "Dashboard" where people are constantly posting their success stories.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you have any questions or would like to introduce yourself, feel free to reply.

Tiffany Domena
Hello Tiffany!
Thank you! I joined because I saw your training video regarding WA and was impressed and interested right away. I have a few business ideas I want to launch soon, and want to add affiliate marketing on my websites. I plan to work feverishly to get this going soon.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for what you do!

TDenise Premium
Awwww Annette! Thanks so much for your kind words. I love this platform! The people, the training, the tools, the cause, and being able to work with ambitious people like you. Thanks for joining me. Will you be working on websites you previously had, or starting afresh?
I will have some fresh websites, and will probably transfer the one I have to WA. I want to be sure I have affiliate marketing on each one.
Tiffany, I have a few questions. Now that I am going through some of the training, questions are surfacing, as I'm sure is expected.
On your training video, you show how to accomplish the SEO, and using Jaaxy for high word search.
For the WA websites, these are strictly for WA affiliate marketing?
We would place only content related to the WA links, but not place any other type of business (our business) or adverting?. I thought the SEO strategy was just one strategy. However, as I'm going through the training, it seems like it is what the business actually is, so if I wanted to use the website for other business activities, and place the WA banners for affiliate marketing, this is not allowed ?I may have the wrong concept.
TDenise Premium
You're allowed to use the website as you choose. It's your digital real estate. You may have started in the Affiliate Bootcamp--that training is to teach people who want to be affiliates of Wealthy Affiliate how to do that. The Online Entrepreneur Certification is where you'd want to go to learn to start a business of whatever passion you choose.
Okay, great! Thank you for clearing that up for me.
I can forge ahead! :)
TDenise Premium
Yes, you'll find what you're looking for here. The core training is one portion of what's available, but it's the best place to start. There's literally 1000s of hours of training, and I'll be able to help you even more going forward to customize things to suit where you are and where you want to go if you decide to become a premium member. As a starter member, you have access to quite a bit (when you consider it's free), but there's a lot here in the premium membership. Where are you located in the world? It seems we may be in opposite time zones. I'm in central standard time. What about you?