Made My First Sale This Week!

Last Update: February 01, 2019

I've been working so hard at getting my site off the ground since last Fall. Going through the lessons one by one, writing blog after blog, watchng Jay's Live Events and reruns and just plain pushing through. For the longest time nothing was happening, just crickets. Very few were even visiting my site according to Google Analytics even though I continually push each post out to social media daily.

I was getting so frustrated but I'm not a quitter. I just kepted plugging away at it. Then all of a sudden, like a glimmer of light I got an email from Paypal telling me I had made a sale. I almost missed it, too! It wasn't an affiliate link, it was the sale of my own digital product. Now that I've finally discovered how to index each of my posts through GoogleFetch, I'm believing more traffic will follow through and more sales, too.

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PamC39 Premium
Congrats Ann! I hear you, I am at the cricket stage right now so im hoping things turn up. I am happy for you.


Veronica32 Premium
Congratulations!! That is a step in the right direction! Here is to continued sales and success!
RuthlynB Premium
Congratulations, keep going the best is yet to come.
Kari14 Premium
Nice to see the hard work pays off.
Keep it up and soon you will be vacationing where you have always wanted.
Hi Anne, I'm a newbie and I would like to know how long it took you from scratch to your first sale. Kind regards...
Kerjackie Premium
Congratulations, Annette, this is just the beginning of your great journey, enjoy your first sale!
DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Annette, congratulations on your first sale. It's reaching a milestone and Wealthy Affiliate that you realize that it works. I wish you all the best
Wdcope Premium
Super!! Persistence pays off.. Wish you continued success!
mmonterola Premium

smartketeer Premium
Congrats Anette!

Nicely done!

Keep up the good work!
JimNastic316 Premium
Thats great! Once you break the seal, the money flow can begin!