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Last Update: November 25, 2018

So I came across an issue about a week ago.

Someone went onto my Blog and tagged their info into one of my pictures on my post. I am not completely sure how someone can do that, but when my blog traffic would click on that picture, it would redirect them to that person's blog, or whatever they linked to that photo.

Not good!

Tip #1

So I did some research and I've been using a plugin called "Social Warfare", this is used to have little social media share buttons on my blog.

Anyways they have an option within their plugin called "Frame Buster". This amazing tool is specifically used to stop others from framing your content. So, meaning now that I have that turned on others are not able to come onto my blog and try to tag their info into my content.

If you would like to access this, this is in the Social Warfare plugin, then when it is activated you go to your wordpress dashboard and will see the Social Warfare menu, click on that, then click on "Advanced" at the top and you will see the "Frame Buster" option, turn it on if this is something you would like to do.

I hope this helps you guys in avoiding something that happened to me, happen to you. Some people are very sneaky out there. It's best to take initiative now so that we can stop these people before they take action and try to steal our content.

Tip #2

A sitemap is a really useful tool to have, this helps "googlebot" access your site better. A sitemap is basically an in detailed list of all of your content, so that way Googlebot can "crawl" it more intelligently. Therefor making it easier for google to index your content.

All In One SEO, something we should all have as a plugin, actually has its own sitemap option in it. Go to your Wordpress Dashboard, then click on the All In One SEO, and head to the "Feature Manager", then you can activate the XML Site map from there.

There is an option on google where you can actually go into google, and submit your content yourself, using your sitemap. Enter "submit URL to google" and it will bring you to a page to do so, it will have detailed instructions how to do so there.

Tip #3

Since it is still Black Friday weekend, a lot of Theme's in Wordpress are having big discounts on their "Pro" versions. My Theme's pro version is originally $55, I got it on a Black Friday sale for $27! Just wanted to let you guys know that as well just in case you've been eyeing your theme's pro version (like I have)!

Please let me know if you have any further questions!


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SAWalden Premium
Hi Anna,

Thank you so much for sharing this! (I can never get over how much there is to learn here!).

Anyway, the tip about the feature manager in the All-One-SEO is great. After reading your post I took a little trip over there and discovered a few other "features" that looked good (Social Meta, Robots txt., etc.)

Have you activated any of the other features as well?

Oh yes, the "Social Warfare" plug in and "Frame Buster" option - another good tool. I don't feel anyone would want to steal any of my content or images but these days anything can (and does) happen!
Annaeri26 Premium
That’s awesome! I’m so glad you found some more useful things! I have yet to use any of the others yet, I’ve been wanting to. I guess I just haven’t taken the initial step yet! I’m a little afraid of accidentally blocking googlebot.

You never know! Some people will go to all extremes if the option is available to them.

Glad you could find this useful!
adrianh25392 Premium
Lots of useful info there, thanks
Annaeri26 Premium
You are very welcome!
they can do that
Annaeri26 Premium
Right?? That's the same question I was thinking, but sure enough, as scary as it is they sure can!
directJ Premium
Great info, will be looking into the social warfare plug-in today!
Annaeri26 Premium
It's an awesome plugin! Make sure to add some social icons to your site so others can share your posts!
I add the most popular ones, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter
Vickic3 Premium
Thanks Anna - always good to know
Annaeri26 Premium
You are very welcome Vicki!