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February 21, 2019
Today is SUCH an exciting day for me!Out of curiosity, I wanted to check where my website was ranking on some things so low and behold comes to find out, my website made it to page 1 postition one on google, page one position 1 on bing, and page 1 position 2 on yahoo!SO EXCITING!My website is now generating roughly over $200 a month as well, and I'm getting a fairly large email subscriber list. This post IS NOT meant to brag in any type of way, I just want everyone to know that anything is poss
As I logged onto Wealthy Affiliate I was greeted with my 6 month badge.The thought that I've been here for 6 months already is both overwhelming and comforting, why?Well, first off let me tell you, before Wealthy Affiliate I struggled A LOT to make money online. As a stay at home mom I did not want to go back to work and leave my son, I wanted to be spending as much time with him as I could, teaching him everything I possibly could.I knew there had to be a way, I just didn't really know where t
December 31, 2018
Happy New Year to each and every one of you!I'm incredibly lucky to be connected with such a strong community and be able to be exposed to such extreme amounts of knowledge.With 2018 about to end I can say that it's been a beautiful year. It's had its ups, its downs, but most of all there's been a lot of blessings.I've been able to purchase my first home at 24 years old, I have my own online website that is now up and running and I'm making some money off of it. I have a following basis on my w
December 19, 2018
First off let me say how I am so thrilled I came across WA. For so long I wanted to make a living from home so I can spend more time with my family. I struggled for a long time jumping around trying new things on different sites with little to no luck. I'd make a couple dollars occasionally at most.I've been here with WA for a couple months now and I'm thrilled with the success I'm achieving.I've been following the training and working hard to access all the knowledge I can have. Here at WA the
November 25, 2018
So I came across an issue about a week ago. Someone went onto my Blog and tagged their info into one of my pictures on my post. I am not completely sure how someone can do that, but when my blog traffic would click on that picture, it would redirect them to that person's blog, or whatever they linked to that photo. Not good!Tip #1 So I did some research and I've been using a plugin called "Social Warfare", this is used to have little social media share buttons on my blog.Anyways they have an op
November 18, 2018
I'm so thrilled, this morning I checked my Amazon Affiliates account just checking on if I recieve anymore clicks (not expecting to see a sale), and there it was! My first sale!! It wasn't a lot by any means but it's a start! I'm writing to be an encouragment to everyone else, DON'T give up!! Things will work out, it just takes a lot of time and hard work!I feel blessed everyday that I was fortunate to come across Wealthy Affiliate and become apart of this amazing community. Remember everyone,
November 13, 2018
Hi there my amazing WA community!This may be a little off topic, but since there is a lot of members I'm hoping I can reach a lot of you with this.If anyone doesn't have Carbon Monoxide detectors in your home, I highly recommend them. Last night I awoke in my home from my Carbon Monoxide Detectors going off. I, along with my family was able to get out of the house in time before things got serious. Thankfully I only have slight Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, I feel very lucky and blessed to still b
November 11, 2018
So I've seen A lot of new people joining us lately!FIRST OFF congradulations on taking that initial step to success! Just for that you're amazing and more powerful than you know!Okay back on track... when you write new content or just simply want/need some comments and/or feedback there is a really awesome blog on WA that let's you recieve that. It's just like every other blog on here where you just post a comment and post your link to your site or the page on your site asking for some comments
November 09, 2018
Hello WA community!So after some unexpected life changes happened I decided to take a break from WA. Probably not the best decision but at that time I was more in need of focusing on my family. Im happy and proud to say I rejoined today! I'm ready to start really buckling down and continue on with the path to success. I am a little sad the site I had before is no longer there, but thankfully I did purchase a domain prior and its still here! I just have to create a new website for it. With the t
August 30, 2018
Hello there WA community!I'm just posting to see how everyone has been doing? I'm hoping this post can be a good inspiration for everyone!I've seen a couple people lately give up on their websites because they aren't having much luck with it, or they just can't find the time... such a bummer to hear!Let's share some success stories, or just stories in general to where everyone can read them and feel and know that anything is possible and just to see where everyone else is!!I just changed up my
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