Thank you everyone! You are great!

Last Update: July 24, 2019

You guys are awesome!!

Wow, I just wanted to thank everyone for the encouragement and ideas that were posted after my last post about being confused.

After taking a few days off, I am feeling much better and realize that that was the problem, no time to myself.

I was working at my job, coming home and working on my website or researching and learning for building my website. When I was at work I was listening to podcasts about building business and blogging. I was never relaxing and just doing something for enjoyment.

So I decided to take this less seriously for a little while and do some other hobbies too.

I do love to work on my website but it was just seemed like I was always working. And if I was not working then I felt guilty for not putting my time into my website.

So I decided not to ditch my website, switch up how I am spending some of my free time, listen to some different things instead of all business and just relax a little more and enjoy it instead of feeling guilty.

I do love Disney, I just need to think about it differently instead of as work. I mean I can only have fun and enjoy myself when I am there, I can't get any of the real work of writing done while I am at the parks so I don't need to worry about it until I am home working.

I am sure the website itself will still get frustrating but I am going to go with something real simple and stop trying to have this elaborate site when I only have simple skills.

Thank you again and have a great week!!


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lesabre Premium
Hi Anita,

Glad you took a break. I does get hard to find that balance and juggle everything.

Best wishes,

AnitaLouise Premium
Thank you!
Twack Premium
Fantastic news Anita. Really pleased you managed to get everything in perspective so that it all works for you.
AnitaLouise Premium
DarrenNicola Premium
Thank you, Anita, for your post.
This is by far the best place to be and also a very low-cost business opportunity.
Darren and Nicola :)
AnitaLouise Premium
It sure is! Thanks
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Anita. WA is definitely a fantastic place to build an online business
AnitaLouise Premium
Yes it is! Thanks
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Anita,I am so happy that you were able to resolve the mental issues you were having about our website. You did the right thing in taking some time off. It is amazing how doing just that can help you develop a new perspective on your business.

Way to go!

AnitaLouise Premium
Yes, it is!! Thanks again for your advice, it is always welcome.