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Is anyone interested in an accountability partner?Has anyone done this before and how has it worked out for you? I would probably say I am looking for a beginner, I have been a member for about 8 months but I have not made much progress on my website. I am not a pro so I can't really give anyone advice but I am just looking for a buddy to be accountable to. Someone to chat with hopefully weekly at least.First thing I am going to work on next month is working through the training again from the
You guys are awesome!!Wow, I just wanted to thank everyone for the encouragement and ideas that were posted after my last post about being confused. After taking a few days off, I am feeling much better and realize that that was the problem, no time to myself.I was working at my job, coming home and working on my website or researching and learning for building my website. When I was at work I was listening to podcasts about building business and blogging. I was never relaxing and just doing so
July 20, 2019
Lately I have been feeling confused and frustrated After putting months of time and research into my website, I hate it. The site I originally chose to start is about Disney. I have been researching keywords, I have a ton of lists. My website design has changed so much, I keep changing the look and theme. Living in Orlando, I am lucky enough to be close enough to have an annual pass and visit all the different parks often. We even have a trip planned to California to visit Disneyland, we enjoy
I wanted to get this posted before I start the new tasks come out for the coming month.This week in the challenge:I have made an effort to spend more time in chat and also to answer questions people have.What I have learned this week:Optimizing Images:I am trying to figure out how to compress the images on my site, I check the site loading speed and it is slow.... So I need to figure this out and these are some tutorials I read to learn how to optimize my images.This one shows you how to check
Do you listen to any good podcasts? I am always looking for something new to listen to. I work midnights and listen to them for hours at work. There are all kinds of shows I listen to, motivational, educational, blogging, Disney, financial, comedy.Some of my favorites include:The Blogging Millionaire - I love this one, I love the training here at WA but I like to feel like I am accomplishing something while I am listening. The shows are not too long and have a lot of helpful quick tips.Simple P
I have to admit, I have not been doing great at this challenge. First, I spent way too much time trying to come up with the perfect theme and in the end ditched it for something simpler. I wrote a little about that in my Divi experience post.Then, I took too long again on a logo and again went with something really simple and I am not 100% sure I love it but I will figure that out later. I think it is better to just get started writing and have content getting ranked, I can work on the other st
I thought I would write out my five-year plan. My goals and plans for all the things I would like to accomplish over the next five years.Past PlansA few years ago I had a five-year plan, the complete list was only three things.Pay off all debt.Start an online business.Buy a condo on the river.This was my plan 5 years ago, 2 practical things that are planning toward our future and one really big dream (living on the river).I think this list was made two years ago and I have not really made much
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Hello everyone!Thanks for reading my first blog post. As part of the SAC challenge we are supposed to post to our blog weekly. I don't know why I have avoided this before, maybe because I feel everyone here is so knowledgeable I wouldn't have much to contribute. So I decided to share my experience using the Divi Wordpress theme.I bought the Divi theme!!Last November, on Black Friday, I invested in the Divi wordpress theme. It was something I wanted to buy for months, I heard a lot of great thin