Last Update: July 20, 2019

Lately I have been feeling confused and frustrated

After putting months of time and research into my website, I hate it.

The site I originally chose to start is about Disney. I have been researching keywords, I have a ton of lists. My website design has changed so much, I keep changing the look and theme.

Living in Orlando, I am lucky enough to be close enough to have an annual pass and visit all the different parks often. We even have a trip planned to California to visit Disneyland, we enjoy it so much.

So I thought Disney would be the perfect topic to start a blog about and I have a ton of ideas but I hate writing about it. Most of the time I am at the parks I feel like I should be trying to get some great photos or different things to write about and this has taken a lot of the enjoyment out of just going.

Once I figured that I didn't really want to write about that I thought that if I could just get the site set up it could be a reference site or something that I could just update the posts and pages when necessary and not have regular posts but I seem to be doing everything to avoid even writing those posts and currently only have a few posts.

Maybe I will just start a journal type of blog and write about different things and see what I really enjoy writing about.

Maybe I am just being lazy and just need to get it done.

I am confused and not sure what to do at the moment but I do feel like I need to take a break for a few days and figure it out.

Sometimes I feel like I have wasted months working on this but I did discover I enjoy the research of finding keywords, working with SEO. I don't know how I would make that topic work for me since I am not an expert.

Has this confusion about your website happened to anyone else after all the work?

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JKulk1 Premium
It's all a learning curve Anita. Just remember you have heaps more websites you can build.
AnitaLouise Premium
thank you, that's true!
RayLi Premium
Hello Anita,

I think you did not waste your time to work on that website. You gain much experience for website building and you also found what you like now . Perhaps you can write some blogs to talk about the SEO and then review some SEO tools in your blog.
I am so green in online business. Just read this article and wanna express my opinion
AnitaLouise Premium
Thanks for the encouragement, I did learn a lot and I will focus on that.
DaisyK78 Premium
I think Carson2 might be right.
I would focus on the training, it is so easy to get sidetracked.
All the best
AnitaLouise Premium
That's true, thanks for the reminder!
Carson2 Premium
I appreciate where you are at in this process. How's the training coming along? Therein may lay some of your answers.
AnitaLouise Premium
I have been avoiding the training because I was not enjoying the writing but I took the weekend off and I am feeling better. Thanks for the reminder!
JMatonge1 Premium
Hi Anita,
It is quite normal for writers to be in the same kind of mood as you have found yourself in sometimes. I usually find it helpful to carry a notebook or lay it beside my bed to write something that comes into my mind related to the topic I want to write about. When you have gathered bits and pieces here and there you find that data is enough to put you in the mood for writing or completing what you had started before. Do not shy away from writing about parks because you have enough interest as I have figured out from what you have shared. Just look for details which other eyes may overlook. Pay attention also to what you hear about your topic. Some people say writers hear what others do not hear. Go ahead and gather more data and write about it.
AnitaLouise Premium
Thanks for the advice, I decided to take the weekend off and thought about things and maybe a few more days. Come up with a different attitude.