Wealthy Affiliate Makes All My Friends Say I'm so LUCKY!

Last Update: November 14, 2019

So I'm 5 months into my very first long-term traveling experience after my business was successful enough to allow me to travel the world.

To make my traveling extremely cheaper I currently do volunteering in a hostel here at Budapest, in this hostel I make tons of friends who are either guests at the hostel or fellow volunteers like me.

So volunteers get a free stay at the hostel by working around 20 hours a week at reception which is more fun than work because all you do is to take guests to their rooms.

So I fell in love with volunteering because it's literally every day a holiday here because there are lots of events organized by the hostel for travelers and lots of open and very friendly people to meet.

The top advantage of volunteering is we don't have to pay for things like rent, electricity, WiFi or water, so I literally spend money only on food and drinks. And with a city as cheap as Budapest it's so easy to save.

That's why I recommend to anyone that dreams about traveling with a low income (or even with a good income) from their blog to try volunteering because you save TONS of money that you could use to invest in other things.

Needless to say I have tons and tons of fun volunteering, these are some photos that can give you an idea on why volunteering life rocks!

So one thing that I noticed almost everyone tells me is after I explain to them what I do, they all tell me you are so lucky! You don't have to go back to your country to work because your work travels with you!

I see everyday people staying 2-3 days and volunteers staying for a short time because they don't have work that travels with them.

That's exactly when I realize HOW lucky I am and how lucky we are to be members at Wealthy Affiliate :)

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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Anis,

Very nice to see you again and get this update on your life. If I were still young I would do the same. Luckily I did have the possibility to travel to many countries in my life but to be honest I envy you a bit. Great to hear it is going so well.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Trodvies Premium
A quite interesting post, Anis. All the best on your travels! Thanks for sharing.
FKelso Premium Plus
Yes, we are lucky, and so were you to find such an inexpensive way to travel. Good one.
lynnsam61 Premium
Volunteering is a wonderful thing to do and making travel more affordable is a win/win. Kudos to you!