Travelling & Meeting Awesome People thanks to WA!

Last Update: August 25, 2019

My dream has always been to travel and unfortunately I've never been able to do that when I had a 9-5 jobs and university.

But thanks to Wealthy Affiliate now I can travel long term and work whenever I want and when I want.

I just love this freedom that Wealthy Affiliate gave me.

Now I'm in Budapest, Hungary and I'm enjoying my time so much here, I'm meeting some amazing friends.

Just a few days ago, a fellow WA member Roope came to Budapest as well and we took a photo.

This was amazing because this is the first time I meet someone from WA in person.

I discovered Wealthy Affiliate back in 2016, I suffered a lot in the beginning but I was 100% that I will make it work for me.

With hard work and lots of patience and time I finally started making a full-time income.

All I had to do is be very patient, follow the training and never give up.

Fortunately the training here is amazing and it REALLY works if you are patient and you focus on your business.

That's why I recommend you to go all in with the training and work hard to achieve success here.

I'm currently still struggling with my conversion rate here but I'm very grateful with the results and what WA gave me.

I hope this post gave you a little bit of motivation as well by the way and wish you a great Sunday!

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Joo77 Premium
This is so cool.. Happy for you, Anis! I will do that too some day! :-)
mergie1 Premium Plus
Wow, awesome that you have the freedom to travel all over the world. Do it while you are young and free.
kimwolfe Premium
Great photo! Nice to see members getting together and meeting for the first time.
NnurseBecca Premium
That is awesome! Happy Sunday. I am so not surprised to see Roope!!! Lol I was trying to talk him into visiting the Kuna caves with me
SondraM Premium
Anis, I am glad to hear that you are doing well. It is cool that you and Roope got the chance to meet each other in person.

I too am very greatful for WA. The training works, if we apply it and do the work necessary. The community and friendships are wonderful also.

It is nice to be able to meet like minded people.

Thanks for sharing the photo.