Can I, will I

Last Update: June 27, 2019

All my life, I have often wondered if I was worth it. If I deserved to live. I always had these serious intrusive thoughts which were really scary. All this would leave me really tired because i couldn't understand what was going on with me. I imagined all sorts of horrible stuff happening . I remember from when I was a teenager? before I left the house. I would always have images of horrible car accidents. For some reason, that gave me the security that everything was going to be Okay.

Can I, will I live a normal life. OCD ( You are not alone)

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RachelC2 Premium
Definitely a interesting blog and thank you for sharing that with the community you're not alone and best wishes to you here.
amcg Premium
You are 100% worth it. Xoxox
If I may....... Imagine with me, but believe, I have been to the darkest of darkest of depths of consciousness where I made up some scary things for myself to think I saw. I Love you!!!!
If you have to write it over and over or repeat it in your head constantly 24/7 which you might for a time.... Please hear me! ONLY OUT OF DARKNESS COMES LIGHT!!!!
I Don't know how to say this other than negative,scary,any im not good enough thoughts, anything negative period in your head/mind/thoughts.... Arnt yours do not originate from you......
So..... Smile love your light will blind out dark from vast distances!!!! heal many! spread love and be a beckon!! A very tall non fixed lighthouse, All of us as one NEED you!!!!
AffMktgRt Premium

So sorry that you think for a moment that you are not enough.

With a name like that it should be a constant reminder of God's intent for his creation Adam and Eve and how he blessed them before they fell astray.

Please know that the Creator is the One who never leaves the one behind, even if he has to leave the other 99 in search of him/her.

Please stick around here in WA and you will find amazing stories of overcoming hurdles and becoming top WA ranked members and many others who are so very successful and who do amazing things with what they learn here and improve many others' lives.

Angelica65 Premium
Thank you so much for the love.
Twack Premium
Absolutely you can, well 'normal' is subjective in my case.