3 Unbelievable Years!

Last Update: Sep 4, 2017


Sometimes it feels like a dream :)

Sometimes it feels like a bad dream ;)

(those who have service based biz and deal with clients every day will get this lol)

Overall, I couldn't be happier though!

When I started on my journey just 3 years ago, I only wanted to make enough to take care of my needs so my daughter wouldn't be supporting me any more.

Here is a bit of advice I have always given my daughter and have always tried to implement in my own life.

"You can do anything in life you want. You just need to do 3 things. 1) Figure out what it is you really want. 2) Figure out what you have to do to get it. 3) Then do it!"

I have a post it on my screen that says:

I can do anything! Do I want it bad enough?

I had no income or savings when I first started on this journey. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I made a decision to change my circumstances and I wasn't going to give up until I did.

Was it an easy road? nope.

Did I get frustrated? you bet your arse I did - many times

Did I want to quit? quite a few times BUT I never did!

Where am I now?

I took what I learned here at WA and built on it, learning as much as I could about many tech tools people use in an online business.

I turned that knowledge into a business. I have clients for whom I handle all of their technical backend work for them, ranging from website updates to sales funnels to... whatever they need really.

What people want to know?

The question most people ask is how much money do you make? I understand the question but you have to realize finances are rather personal for most people.

What I will tell you:

I make more than enough to support myself as well as help my daughter who is a single mom of 2. :)

My Advice

Perfectionism leads to procrastination!


Because of the mindset that prevents you from starting something because of the fear that you won't complete it.

So an important business project just sits there, on the shelf of ideas, dying a slow death, while your procrastination slowly suffocates it.

Take pride in having something finished and implemented - even if it's not perfect!

You can always go back and make improvements.

More Advice

1) Follow the training here at WA - you will learn so much that will create the foundation for whatever type of online business you build in the future.

2) Don't take short cuts. It will bite you in the arse down the road. ;)

3) Be yourself! Because being anything else is not authentic and will come through in everything you do.

4) Have honesty and Integrity! I think this is THE most important. If you don't know something - it's okay to say so. If you want to grow - in life and in business - these two will carry you far.

Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

This is a steep learning curve for many. I knew nothing about websites or SEO or keywords when I started out.

It's actually kinda funny to me - how I make my living, when I think about how hard and frustrating it was for me back then!

Wrapping it up!

I love my life because of the freedom I have. Freedom to make my own schedule. Freedom to choose who I work with.

Three years ago, I doubt I thought it was possible.

It pays to dream and dream big!

Don't let ANYone else tell you what you can and can't do.

Believe in yourself! If you don't - who will?

Recent Comments


Thank you for your words of inspiration. They are music to my ears!

my pleasure :)

What an awesome post. Totally agree with you that perfectionism leads to procrastination. Glad to hear that everything is going well for you.

Thank you Darlene :)

Your story is very encouraging.
Thank you!

Thanks Juliet :)

Very empowering. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thanks Nate :) and thank you for your service!

Very well said!

Thank you Jean :)

Thanks Angela for your encouraging blog.

My pleasure Lanu :)

Great tips Angela. I like the perfection leads to procrastination element It can indeed freeze and show stop progress!

Thanks Mike :) it definitely does halt progress!

Outstanding post and tips, Angela. Congratulations!! You deserve all your success and then some for all of us you have helped here at WA. I wish you continued success and prosperity.

Thanks Sharon :) Continued success for us all!

Awesome post, Angela. Thanks for sharing and the motivation to keep going even when the tunnel is dark and it seems like the light has gone out.
Continued success for you on your journey.

Thanks :) and good luck to you on your journey.

Thnx, A.

How nice, and what a nice post. Yes, perfectionism leads to procrastination! So pleased to be with you on this journey!
Cheers to the next 3 years!

I've enjoyed our journey so far Loes :) Here's to the next 3, 6, 10 and 20 years! ;) lol

♥ love it ♥

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