A Salute to Ambassador Loes

Last Update: July 13, 2015

On yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of reading a very short and simple blog which had great and strong connotations? Although I make a strong attempt to read most blogs and usually come out upon finishing with a wealth full of ideas and information.

But if you all would allow me to me honest for just a second, this blog written by one of our ambassadors here at Wealthy Affiliate blew my mind. Then again it wasn't so much the blog as what the writer suggested in the blog.

This only brings about confirmation on another blog I wrote early last week suggesting that the community read as many blogs and post as they possibly can as you step away knowing a lot more than before it was read.

Loes, who is also one of our cordial Ambassadors make me proud to be among this community simply because of her motivation, inspiration and determination. She gives one the impression that I did it and so can you and that is a strong attribute.

The request had to do with reviewing her blog in lieu of a very good landing page. it sound as though this request had been made before but it was my first and i must confessed that in going over to her website I literally got clued to her site because had i not been a member I would be one on today.

I love when I walk away rethinking everything I have done to my own website and the improvement that is much needed but sincerely before you can do that one also need to acquire the knowledge, have the photography (her husband) who is behind her and a determination as she.

As you mentioned in a post we both have weathered our storms while here at Wealthy Affiliate, not toward one another but because of life's circumstances but still she stands and so do I but looking at her work I missed something along the way :). This young lady want to make her website 'better" :). I smile because most of us would think that if we only got to where she has made it, then it is a "wrap'.

I walked away thinking Robert you need to work on you a 'good landing page". I mean it from the depth of my heart and that i shall do. Sharing one another work does that to you and I salute Ambassador Loes for placing that desire in my mind and heart.

Loes you have done an extremely good job with your objective. Your "landing page: is the bomb! I write this for no other reason then what I stated early on. No motive nor hidden agenda because I do a lot of things except deliberately lie. I just believe in encouraging those who encouraging me and I am sure she has affected someone else affiliate marketing skills also. So let's applause her and be sure to review her landing page. Be blessed!

work at home future .com is her site so check it out!

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Loes is great
Anewcreature Premium
Yes she is GREAT
SStarrs Premium
I love Loes website . I have bookmarked it . We can learn so much .
She is a wonderful person .
I wish her lot's of success with her website.
MarionBlack Premium
She is doing a terrific job with her website and the free tools she has sourced are simply amazing. I agree she is a wonderful person. ~Marion
Anewcreature Premium
Marion working closely with her you should know :) Blessings
ar20746 Premium Plus
Loes is simply an awesome person. Joze.
Anewcreature Premium
This community is full of them but she stood so far out in my mind, you know....
hostelgirl Premium
Definitely! Good luck Loes. Loes has been incredibly helpful to me too. I have put a comment on her site. :)
Anewcreature Premium
Good for you and i hope nothing but the best for you.