Uber Online Training - Don't You Think?

Last Update: February 20, 2015

Three Months in and Still Standing

Well, here I am at the three month milestone of my WA journey and I’m lumbering along and getting great advice from seasoned affiliates. Once again, many thanks to all those that have responded to my need for help. So far, I’ve not had a single question go unanswered which to me is amazing!

Uber online training - thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and its awesome community. Thanks guys!

I get up every day, 7 days a week, and devote several hours a day minimum to the training and just learn stuff. And when I say I devote several hours a day minimum to the training I don’t just mean the training course. For me, the training has been so much more; especially the community interaction and required research for a post. It’s remarkable the things you learn when doing research for a post.

My biggest problem has been not following the shiny objects I find along the way while doing research. This really puts a crimp in my day for getting things accomplished. So, some days are productive and quite honestly, others are not. No complaints…it’s all good!

Progress – Active and Moving Forward

I'm not as far along as I’d hoped after three months, but this is mostly due to indecision on what to write about and my lack of skill when it comes to putting it all together in a timely fashion. Every time I start to make headway in the course…BAM! It’s time to write a new post and do a new keyword search. This really takes the wind out of my sails as it takes me quite a while to put a post together. LOL

My leading new goal and challenge moving forward is to not over think things and remove indecision out of my thought process. Indecision is really slowing me down!

I’m just going to continue to have fun with it and try not to take myself too seriously.

After all, it is a journey right? And these take time.

Wishing you all the best and future success!

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Mozey Premium
Hi Andy! I get a lot out of your posts. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, but like you we have to just keep plugging along.
AndyJ Premium
Exactly my take Moz! Appreciate the support and look forward to reciprocating.
MzV Premium
Love it! You are so right.
kiliwia62 Premium
Hi Andy, you are certainly not alone with all this. I just thought of it myself before I read your post. Don't push to hard, get to know the basics and like I say, go with the flow. You are doing fine. :)
AndyJ Premium
Agreed...I want to succeed at this but I also want to have fun with it and more importantly enjoy it!

Thanks for the support.

santy Premium
Hi Andy nice post. You are foing verry well and I know that Gog will bless your hard work and didication
AndyJ Premium
Thanks Santy.
kennnyb Premium
The future is in your own hands but there is always another helping hand here at WA
AndyJ Premium
Thanks for the reply Ken, could not have said it better myself! :)