Top Jobs for Creative Thinkers

Last Update: February 20, 2015

What Are Creative Thinkers?

Basically, creative thinkers are problem solvers, individuals that “can think on their feet”, so to speak. These type individuals are usually very independent, self-reliant, skilled at what they do and they do it efficiently!

Top Jobs for Creative Thinkers

What do you think some of those jobs might be?

Here's a short list of five that will stretch your craniums a bit.

1. Teacher– I would have to put this job at the top of my list. Teachers must tirelessly day in and day out attempt to keep adolescents focused on education. You don’t think this takes creative thinking? Well, let’s just say that little Marvin’s mind is probably on Sallie’s knockers across the room and not on the geometry lesson!

2. Entrepreneur– This meets the description of a Wealthy Affiliate, right?…drumming up a mountain of original ideas for blogs and posts, creating websites from scratch and searching for low hanging fruit keywords so your site will rank with the search engines. And let’s not forget the visionary training and support of your fellow affiliates. Lots of creative thinking going on here I would say.

3. Paralegal– These are the folks that help lawyers assemble information to use on their legal cases. Sometimes a lawyer may not be able to locate a supporting fact or report relevant to a current case they’re working. More than likely, this task will be delegated to the creative thinking paralegal. The paralegal will rely on their savvy research skills, sifting through mounds of material and dozens of sources to uncover the necessary facts.

4. Information Technology (IT) Specialist– Individuals that work in IT are amazing. Not only do they create new programming ideas, but they are responsible for creating and implementing a fix on existing issues and old problems alike. With the exponential growth of computers in the world, creative thinkers with solutions are always in demand.

5. Photographer– Creative thinking at its finest! Photographs are a form of freestyle art, a way a expressing something without words. I’m sure you have heard the expression a photograph is worth a thousand words. A photographer must choose the right scene and equipment for the shot, make sure the lighting is just right and also confirm that the surrounding visual elements are okay to successfully create their silent statement.

The Takeaway

To be a creative thinker and an effective entrepreneur you must focus your vision onto your goals, reminding yourself daily that building a business requires a lot of complex interaction on both a personal and professional level.

Don’t allow anyone or anything to break your faith.

Be a creative thinker! Begin to realize your own inner potential and in doing so try not to take yourself too seriously…..JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!

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I also place teachers right there at the top of the list!
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