Cross-Training Home Life and Career

Last Update: January 07, 2015

Restore Balance in Your Life

In joining Wealthy Affiliate most of us are shoring up our lives, have determined that we need balance between home life and career and have opted to take a creative approach in finding new ways to jump start our new year by doing some things that we would not traditionally do....or even attempt on our own.

I perceive this as a sort of "cross-training."

Fitness trainers use this strategy constantly - they suggest shocking your muscles into something new so that your body will respond and not get stuck at a certain point by doing the same old thing.

Creating a New Energy Path

  • Continue to tap into personal talents and resources that are under construction
  • Stay the course, break through that "same old thing" barrier and give yourself permission to steer a fresh and clear path to success by way of training with WA
  • Move ahead - shock yourself daily by acquiring new skills and doing things you have never done before...without fear of failure
  • Time management - become the master of your own time

About now you are saying, “All right coach, are you done sticking a charge up my ass!” That’s not really my point. My point is - You, Yourself and I.

The Three Amigos baby!

Just remember to take and most importantly complete daily, incremental steps (no matter how small or insignificant they may seem at the time) to restore balance in your life....results will find you!

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PrBaker Premium Plus
The "All right coach" comment certainly got my attention.;-) One day at a time baby is absolutely right! Patience builds character!:-)
Thank you Andy for your post.
AndyJ Premium
Thanks Preston!
kiliwia62 Premium
What an amazing post Andy right to the core. Also a good reminder to keep going and not losing focus upon ourselves. Being commited to myself is very important.
Thanks for sharing.
AndyJ Premium
Sylvia, thanks for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful reply!
AndyJ Premium
Thanks for taking the time to reply!
Janne444 Premium
so true, consistency will win the race.
2Achieve Premium
Very nicely presented! All the best in 2015!!