ChatGPT Prompts I've Used: (Part 1) $5K+ From A Digital Product And Sales Page We Created

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Looking for some ChatGPT examples that you can use, that also provide the share links and some (brief) commentary on how to use them?

Well, look no further than here!

Over the next few articles, I'm going to share my (old) 700+ word article generation prompt, prompts to create your very own sales page, and even prompts that will change your articles into weekly email/FB posts!

In Part 1, we'll look at a few prompts that my team and I used to create a digital product, the sales page for that product, and the results of all this!


A prompt is only as good as the prompt-er - so please prompt respectfully and don't abuse any of these prompts (i.e. run it exactly like you see it, and take the exact word-for-word answer and don't read over it/edit it/make it more into your style and tone.)

Also, if you have any prompts you would like to share, feel free to share them in the comments section.

So, let's get started!

Creating A Digital Product With ChatGPT

My wife and I noticed that in one of our sites, we were getting a lot of traffic around Capsule Wardrobes, but...

We didn't have a product.

So we decided to create one!


I need 30 pieces to unlimited outfits guide outline. This will be a generic starter kit: 'What to have in your capsule wardrobe'. Give people who lack the style sense, the time, or the mixing and matching eye a fast track to a classic stylish, and versatile wardrobe- tell them exactly what to purchase and why these specific pieces work.
For example, dark blue denim jeans can be paired with a boxy white t-shirt, and toms flats for a casual look during the day and dressed up with a nude silk blouse and high heels for a night out. The darker shade makes them easier to dress up compared to the super casual light blue or washed-out denim jeans.
Here I've explained how to use the item, why they are versatile, and an example of how to mix and match including real-life events to promote imagination and inspiration.
-Use images of clothing pieces from the web. (Be sure to remove the background on canva. *See attached image as an example)
-In addition, create an image flip book of outfit ideas utilizing the pieces. *see attached image for example
30 pieces; 6 tops, 7 bottoms, 2 dresses, 6 blazer/jackets,coats (top layers), 3 bags, 6 shoes
-A quick informative guide on how to understand Mixing and matching pieces. (check out the chat I created on chat gpt)
-How to style clothes pro tips.

Share Link:

How It was used: This prompt is really more of a PoC (Proof of Concept) that my lovely wife whipped up. Pretty much just typed it up for our VA to punch in (NOTE - I think our VA was supposed to delete some of my wife's comments, but it worked regardless).

If you follow the share link, you'll see the outline that it generated for us. All we did was just have our VA follow that outline and create a visually stunning PDF through Canva. My wife then helped her edit it for tone, flow and just the general brand we were going.

Highlights: If you can sell your own products, find something that your audience is looking for and create it by having ChatGPT provide you with a good outline and some of the source material (i.e. text and/or images if you can get DALL-E to work).

Wait! But We Need A Sales Page Before We Launch (Duh!)

Of course, if you're going to sell something, you need a sales page, right?


Well, that's where my Kung-GPT skills came into play (okay, okay, I'm just lazy, and sort of wanted to experiment and not have to write another sales page...).


I'm launching a new product, and need your help with creating a sales page around it. here is the new product.
I need you to come up with different psychological and emotional reasons this might be good for people who would need this.
For example, this is for another product that I have:
Let’s face it – you’re either…
Tired of having a closet full of clothes but not having anything to wear
Overwhelmed by the clutter and disorganization in your closet
Frustrated with constantly buying new clothes without feeling satisfied with your wardrobe
Wanting to make more sustainable fashion choices
Struggling to find time to put an outfit together in the morning

Share Link:

How To Use: After you create your digital product, especially if the majority of it is text (i.e. a digital book, or even a video course that you can get the transcript from), all you're going to do is just pipe that back into ChatGPT and ask for it to write you a sales page.

I actually used another sales page to help ChatGPT understand what I was looking for - read the entire Share Link to see how I did that.

Highlights: Give AI the digital info somehow so that it can use that to write a much, much, (dare I say it again - much) better sales page for you.

What About Customer Language In Your Sales Page? 😱😱😱

For those of you that know how to actually write sales pages, you typically want to have a document where you have feedback from your audience about the specific niche/product you're talking about - Typically called a Customer Language document (or Customer Avatar document. Yeah, yeah, they're technically two different things, but just pretend they are the same.)

The reason you want to have this is because when you write your sales page, you are going to try to find places where you can add the exact language that your previous customer used to describe something.

That way, it is more relatable to your audience, because it's usually going to be something that your audience can see themselves doing, or have done already.

So for example, You may have written something like:

"You feel overwhelmed every day because of your clothes."

However, when you inject some customer language into that, it turns out to be:

"You're tired of opening your closet only to shut it quickly because it’s too overwhelming"

Notice the difference? The first example is very generic. However the second example dives a little deeper into something that some people have actually done (i.e. open/close their closet).

In any case, at the time, I didn't really have a lot of customer language for the sales page I created above, so I decided to Kung-GPT wing it by having it analyze Reddit comments and update the sales page accordingly.

(Genius, I know. Was it actually helpful? I'm not sure... Forgot to write it down in my KPI stats to actually see, LOL).


I need you to search Reddit and provide me with real life examples of women who have questions about having a capsule wardrobe. I need this research to help fill in a customer avatar about people who would be interested in my Capsule Wardrobe Handbook, so find the longest and most descriptive you can find.

Second Prompt:

Now based on what you learned, I need you to update my sales page:
Please find places where I can change the words of my sales page to specific struggles that these users have. Find the commonalities among these users and use those commonalities and their words for what I would change in my sales page. You don't have to change everything, just pick out the sentences where I should change it. Please provide me with the sentence/paragraph that I should change, and then how you would recommend changing it.

Share Link:

How To Use: So, this is pretty straight forward, but pretty much, you're just telling ChatGPT to look up on Reddit a specific thing (in this case Capsule Wardrobe struggles), and then use that information to update the sales page you just wrote accordingly.

Highlights: Don't ever be afraid to have AI fact-check your first run down. It can be a blog post, a product outline, or a sales page. AI is there to help you, so don't forget to take extra steps (like this one) since you have the opportunity and affordability.

Current Sales Page: (for those who want to see it)

(NOTE: I did have my VA update this recently, so it's probably going to be slightly different than what these prompts gave me. But, you'll still find the majority of what ChatGPT gave me inside this sales page. I think.)

So, The Big Question Is... What Were The Results Of This?

Okay, so I've just shown you how to create a digital product, create the sales page and optimize it.

So, after we did that, we launched it into our sales funnel (yeah, so you obviously need traffic, and in this case an opt-in and email funnel. But assuming you had that too...), and surprising have been making a decent amount from it:

We've currently made over $5K in the last 4 months from it, which is exciting to see. To clarify, we have an order bump and upsell attached to this, so that also brings in some of the revenue. Also, the reason September was so high was because I ran an email promotion to it for that month, which raised the revenue.

But anyways, I'm always happy with an extra $5K cash /$1K per month increase in revenue to pump back into my business.


What did you think? What this helpful? Did you learn anything from this?

Let me know in the comments section below what you thought about this and if it was helpful. I've got a few more of these (around email marketing, content creation, and maybe something else), but regardless, I'd love to hear from you!

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Some practical questions. Which tool do you use for payment (credit card & paypal choice) on your sale page, and how is that payment page created? It all looks so nicely done. Thanks.

I use Thrivecart - a shopping cart software that I can integrate Stripe and Paypal into. the page is hosted on their site - I created/designed the checkout page.

Just to clarify, in this article I provided the sales page. What you are referring to is called the checkout page (i.e. the page where they "check out" at). I built the actual sales page within Wordpress (just a bunch of GenerateBlocks - from the same creators of GeneratePress).

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