Wealthy Affiliate Websites Grow And Evolve With Feedback!

Last Update: March 21, 2018

Wealthy Affiliate Websites Benefit Enormously With Site Feedback!

Hi there! Today I just wanted to share something with you that I think you will all benefit from. Its called "Site Feedback".

You will probably have used this service if you have progressed through the basic stages of the Wealthy Affiliate training. But here's the thing... I bet lots of people that have had their websites running for quite a while have progressed from getting Site Feedback and haven't bothered with it since. Well, that was certainly the case with myself!

I initially got site feedback and it was very useful. But after a while I totally forgot about this service and carried on building my website.

But here's the thing...

Wealthy Affiliate websites really benefit from having an outside opinion!

Get An Outside Opinion And Let Your Website Evolve...

I didn't bother with the Site Feedback feature on Wealthy Affiliate for months! That was until today. Before then, I had gathered quite a lot of feedback. In fact, I would say that I had around 100 or so comments, letting me know what people really think of my website.

But today, I was offered feedback and it was very useful.

Sometimes we just continue building our websites without even noticing the obvious things that might just be letting us down.

For months, I have been creating what I consider to be good content. I have a site logo and everything looks pretty good. Apart from one thing...

Today Site Feedback Changed My Website Yet Again...

Today I asked for feedback and I was given an opinion that really made me think.

The person leaving feedback suggested that I use my site logo in the header of my site, rather than the boring plain text that I had before.

I had tried changing this before. It was quite difficult as you need to get the dimensions just right to fit your WordPress theme.

Because it was a challenge that had failed in the past, I decided to leave it for quite a long time. Until today, when someone gave me some honest and valuable feedback.

I set to work on something that I had been putting off for months!

This Is How Wealthy Affiliate Websites Evolve!

This might only be a small change to my website today, but when I look back... Wow, its quite amazing! I started off with something very plain and boring as most websites do. The difference is quite amazing in comparison!

So Here's The Lesson...

When we start out in Wealthy Affiliate, things can look very daunting. That's because building an online business takes quite a bit of time to evolve. As we learn new things and implement them into our websites, things really start to change.

Wealthy Affiliate websites have an advantage over most other sites in the respect that we have our community that can offer support and guidance. Site Feedback is only useful if you use it to its full potential and then listen to the advice that people give you.

Sure, you will get some feedback that isn't as helpful as you would hope for. But that's just how it is! You have to take the rough with the smooth. Here at Wealthy Affiliate we have the great benefit of being able to work with each other and to offer our opinions. This is extremely valuable to your business!

The Wealthy Affiliate training, comments and feedback are the making of what I have achieved with my business. And I hope you also see the value in it too.

Small Changes = Big Results Eventually!

Today I added a logo to my site header as a result of what someone suggested to me. The change took me a while to put in place. But I feel that it was really worth the effort!

Those small changes that we make build our online businesses bit by bit...

Hopefully this will be another improvement that will re enforce the trust that I want to establish between me and my website readers.

And hopefully, this will encourage a few of you guys to go out there and get a bit of extra feedback for your website.

Sometimes it really can make all the difference!

Have a great day...

Take care,


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Sammy-B Premium
Yes, Andrew, quality feedback is invaluable when you want your website to evolve and improve.
Andrew-74 Premium
Exactly! But its really easy to continue building your site, thinking that everything is fine. When in actual fact you might be missing something that could really improve your site.
Traveller75 Premium
Thanks, good to know I guess I should start again to.
Andrew-74 Premium
It really does help once you are at the stage where you need an outside opinion. Go for it, for the price of a couple of credits, you might get some really good advice in return.
heljam404A Premium
Thanks for the share.
Andrew-74 Premium
Glad to help. I hope you got something out of this.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Andrew.
Andrew-74 Premium
My pleasure, hope you found it helpful.
TitaWorks Premium
I agree, Andrew!
Andrew-74 Premium
Thank you!