Today I Received 29 Comments To My Blog!

Last Update: Mar 2, 2021

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Hello to all you lovely people out there. Hopefully you are all having a good day and staying safe. Today I just wanted to share the fact that I received no less than 29 comments to my blog at The Make Money Online Zone this morning! This would normally be a great thing, but unfortunately most of these comments were spam!

If you are new to blogging then you probably won't experience this for a while. But for many bloggers, comment spammers can be a real pain!

I started receiving lots of spam comments a while ago when I stumbled upon an internet scam that I reported on my blog. I wrote several articles on the scam in question as it was a good source of traffic. We are trained at Wealthy Affiliate to look for that all important low hanging fruit and that is exactly what this was. I found a high traffic scam that needed to be written about.

But since those articles were published I have received spam comments attempting to promote all kinds of things. The people behind these comments obviously use software that attempt to get backlinks by spamming the comment section of sites like mine.

Just goes to show that you never know how people are going to react when you publish the truth about their scams.

I now have a regular practice of blocking spammers on my website. If you need to know how to do this I wrote some training a while ago on the subject.

No matter how many spammers I block, there is always more the following day!

Thankfully The Make Money Online Zone blog does get genuine comments too, which goes to show that regular content creation does pay off.

Just thought I would share this with you as I'm currently doing a bit of sorting out on my site. I would love to hear from you if you have had a similar experience.

Take care,


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Thank you for this alert. I had one fellow who posted a badly written and totally meaningless post on my website He was requesting me to make a payment for something I did not buy.
He posted so many copies of the same post. I deleted them and that was it. He never came back.

Hey, thanks for sharing your experience. Yeah, there are lots of scammers out there who will stop at nothing.
Glad it's all ok now!

Hi Andrew. I have had spammers attempting to comment on my website. 8 of the exact same "comment". I just deleted them and marked them as spam, and haven't received any more that I'm aware of. I'm hoping I won't have the same situation you do. Thanks for alerting all of us to this situation. Carol

Great to hear that that things seem to be ok for you Carol. Yeah I have had many duplicate comments like that. I've not had anything for a few days now so hopefully I've managed to block all of my spammers now!

Thanks for the post,


Hi Andrew. I haven't had any more of those comments, but for some reason, everything I wanted to read was redirected, but I have the situation under control now.

Thank you for the share Andrew. It is important to recognize the comments as spam and you have shown some great examples.

All the best,


Thanks Lesabre!

To be honest I'm surprised that there isn't a better way to stop these spam comments. Some of them look so obviously like spam its just ridiculous. But yet the spammers get past the protection every time.

I guess we just have to battle on with these annoying people!

Take care,


Spammers are really a pain. I don't think the absolute junk spam hurts much other than the look of the comment section, but sometimes a spammer will add a bunch of the same negative comment - that's annoying. I often think that if my blog helps a mean person feel they have accomplished something, in a wierd way, its helped. Thanks for the post. I feel you pain.

Thanks for posting your comment, much appreciated! They are a pain, you are quite quite. Yes, I've had plenty of those where they post the same annoying massive comment 10 or 15 times! I've also seen spam that is promoting the most bizarre of products and services.

I guess its just one of those things that we have to live with although there was a useful comment about a Honeypot plugin that I will take a look at further down this page.

Have a good day,


Hello Andrew,

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing these spammers. I hope you solve it.

I didn't have that yet; I hope not.

Thank you for sharing.

Best wishes,

Hey there! Thanks for posting your thoughts. To be honest I put it down to just one of those things that we have to deal with. I'll keep battling away but the spammers always find a way in!

Thanks again,


You're welcome

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