My Images Are Ranking Over My Post! Whats Going On?

Last Update: Mar 28, 2018


Hi everyone! I just wanted to share something rather strange with you. I'm hoping that someone out there might be able to shine a bit of light on this subject, because it has me a little baffled.

A few days ago I wrote a review page for a product that I have been researching. After publishing the post I shared it on social media, just as I would normally.

Today I checked to see if the review had been indexed and where in the search results it was ranked. What I found was something that I had not seen before.

The post images that I included within the post are currently ranking higher than the actual post itself.

Take a look...

I have written quite a lot of posts in my time, but I have never experienced this. I have searched various keywords that I wanted to rank for with this review and my post images are all being indexed above the actual post.

This might only be temporary I guess. I have never seen this happen before!

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

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So how do you find out if a post has been indexed and where in the search results it was ranked?

Just open an "incognito window" (On a PC hold Shift, CTRL and tap the "N" key). And then search Google for a keyword that you are trying to rank for. Hopefully, you'll be showing up within the first couple of pages, ideally at the top on page 1!

Will try that thanks!

By "Incognito window do you I open a new tab then hold shift, CTRL etc? Is that the same procedure for a mac?

Yes that's correct. Not sure about the mac as I only use Pc's. Just Google how to open an incognito window if you use a mac.

Just looked it up for you.. For Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + N.

Hi Ann, yes, just follow the instructions that Andrew provided. Let us know if it works for you.


Hi Andrew,
I’m wondering if it’s the key words in the titles as they are different. Just my thoughts.

Yeah definitely the keywords. Its the image titles that are getting ranked.

That is a bit unusual. I haven't encountered that problem yet. Thanks for sharing it!

It does seem strange, however, it also does not seem to be a bad thing. Am I missing something?


Well, I want people to read my main review post but instead the post images are ranking above it! This will mean that the images get clicks above the post itself.

Hi Andrew - I noticed the same on Google Search Console. Many of my images with zero clicks are ranking on page one ahead of the posts. Very puzzling.

Indeed it is! I have never encountered this. Its quite annoying as I want people to read my post, but the images are ranking above it!!

Does this mean we should expect the unexpected?

I am happy that your images and posts are both ranking. Congrats, Andrew.

I have a picture from when I first began that ranked before any article but I never thought much about it.

Tried and true


Hey Andrew,
Great news. You just never know what might happen and then
the unexpected happens. You just NEVER know what will will
happen next!


Hey, Andrew, I have noticed this as well. Maybe Google likes our images more than our content? lol

I'm sure there is nothing to worry about.

I'm sure now you have brought this to people's attention that they may well notice the same thing happening to their sites.

Maybe so. Its not so useful when I want to rank my post though! Oh well, perhaps things will change over the next few days. Google has a habit of moving things around, don't they!

I know what you mean but there are no time constraints when it comes to Google and how it does things. Just need to be patient!

Very true!

Google likes images and texts as you know, some it might be to do with their algorithm, unless someone else has a different idea

I always thought that content would outrank everything else? The page that ranks above my post is just a single image on a page. My post is over 1000 words long and has lots of images! I don't understand. Thanks for your input though.

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