Two years overview of my GPS Navigation Site from scratch.

Last Update: July 04, 2017

Today I posted the new page on my main website where I wrote of the short overview of two years work. I would say, some job is done, but biggest is still ahead but anyway I count it as the success. It is very much related with Wealthy Affiliate and therefore I decided to share my page with WA community.

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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
SamiWilliams Premium Plus
Interesting to see the completed efforts. The steps you have taken, and the fact that the site draws visitors. These are the basics we are taught to move forward with here at W A. The ongoing efforts build, and that is the encouraging part.

Thanks for your share,
jvranjes Premium
I notice you are not adding aggressive call to action buttons. So how the text links work for you. Can you share, what is typical click rate?
andrel Premium Plus
Thanks Jovo for stopping by. Definitely, I have heard about an aggressive call to action buttons but somehow afraid to use them. I just place myself in a buyer mode. I do not think to buy an expensive device just because someone writes „Buy It“ „Push The Botton“ or something like this. Maybe I miss many buyers so correct me or drop an info „how to“
Here are June stats. I not sure is it fit in Azon TOS if not I will delete it immediately.
jvranjes Premium
I was asking because I am truly interested, not to be critical. In the beginning, I was doing just like you. But then I decided to make it more obvious and add call to action buttons. But I am not sure what the best way is.

These graphs from Amazon are not clear to me, I see them at my side and do not understand the meaning of that click rate, asked about it just a few days ago.

It is best to check the starting graph when you enter Amazon account, there are bars which show the total number of clicks per day, so make some approximate average value and divide this with the number of pageviews. I am really interested to know so you can send me in PM.

I shall send you my own numbers right now, so that you can compare. The idea is to find out which way works best. I am not sure yet (after 650 posts or so).

So going to send you PM.