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It is three years since I am in good company of WA. By skipping all the ups and downs my conclusion is- great value place to stick around. Money talks? Let's say, enough to cover the costs associated with WA (not just Black Friday deal) and this year I sailed the beautiful Royal Caribbean Western Mediterranean cruise with family. But not all so bright as I wanted as I've become lazy with writing because the money from Amazon comes without doing nothing more. How long? I guess that Mr.G soon wi
August 17, 2017
Two years passed. Yes, I am satisfied. I enjoy what I am doing. Not boring. Sometimes more patience needed. Goals? I have reviewed them and know that the job I am doing has long term value, like wine in oak barrels. Still in WA community. Not only because of the great hosting but it helps to keep up. Thanks!
Today I posted the new page on my main website where I wrote of the short overview of two years work. I would say, some job is done, but biggest is still ahead but anyway I count it as the success. It is very much related with Wealthy Affiliate and therefore I decided to share my page with WA community.
Merry Christmas And Happy New Year! I got wonderful Christmas gift this morning. As many of us look at Amazon affiliate home page every morning with the hope of seeing something enjoyable. This morning I have 48 orders, the biggest number ever. They already can be something quite trivial, I'll give you to know.But anyway, for me, it is the great success. Yes, and traffic is back again in previous week figures.
December 22, 2016
Is it worth to switch the existing Namecheap domain to Namecheap Premium DNS platform? Do WA registrars offer the options like NC Premium DNS?
Organic visitors from so distant countries and time zones. I see such screens more frequently. Just to show that WA knowledge and our great community is valuable and effective. For those who still can not decide the Black Friday Deal is the smart investment unless you seriously want to succeed in online earning.
What would you say about the following e-mail I have received today. I guess it is scam. Sender aka <contact commer dot com> I've emailed a ticket to Amazon Associate Support, waiting for the response. As we suspected it is the scam.Here is the Amazon support Team's response
September 20, 2016
Hi WA family! So far my site is growing and even has reached real income stream I still searching ways to increase visitor count and monthly increase on the account of my Payoneer CC accordingly. I decided to make Q&A forum on my website. I would like to get some experience and advises or even the warning of such an idea. I made some searches on the net about WP plugins and so on, tons of offers.... Any experience? Maybe I miss, and it is an info into the community vault? Thanks in advance.
It is that sweet feeling I expected when open for many of us so well-known bookmarked web page and seeing this and 100% conversion rate and on the first day of the month. Unbelievable and again I could not refuse to share my pleasure and as encouragement for all of WA friends.
April 10, 2016
Hi, everyone!I could not refuse to share the first success in WA stage of my IM twists and turns. Not the big numbers but I feel like got a Jackpot.