can I recommend singing?

Last Update: December 03, 2015

Over come lack of self confidence by going in the loo and doing a Xfactor - sing this song in the mirror with a make believe microphone that's really a shower head. You'll get the tune as you sing it 'coz it's all made up and very daft.

If you're stuck for words then hum a little too oo oo oo ooooon,

If you feel absurd hum a little too oo oo oo oooon

If our brain freezes up, if the sun ain't out today.

If your world is all wiped out and you're staring into space.

Huma little t t t t toon, Hum a little t t t t toon

Huma a little tooo ooo ooo ooooooooooooon

Go on, give it a go in front of the kids, I dare ya, and see the looks you get.

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KatieMac Premium
Can just imagine us all doing that lol hope all goes well have a good weekend and hope Caroline is progressing well
fyre Premium Plus
You should have seen the looks I got singing in customs in Mexico knows I will never stop singin' and dancing!
My-Mate-Bert Premium
Hiya, Fyre - My Mate, Bert sings to his probation officer so he runs away fast and Bert can go home.