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December 23, 2015
Joy to The WorldDeck your halls with boughs of holly 'coz it's a season to be jolly".You know the song and you know the spirit of Christmas. 'Tis the season to be jolly, when long ago a baby came into this world who went on to cause uproar and to change the world of men, A baby, who was predicted to come by men long before, who set signs and conditions to indicate that this baby would be the fabled Messiah.Three wise men, who were apparently expert in astrology, followed a sign the in the skies
December 20, 2015
Hello Gang - this is a 3 month update about Andre's Adventures In WAnderland. Left to my own devices I might well not have bothered updating my profile with yet another blog but this one's a little more important than the other drivel I've written in the last three months. It's also a commandment in a lesson I'm doing.The Most Important Thing RIGHT NOW.If you're on a metered internet connection or any kind of data limit using Windows 7,8 or 8.1 Microsoft are downloading Windows 10 to your com
December 03, 2015
Over come lack of self confidence by going in the loo and doing a Xfactor - sing this song in the mirror with a make believe microphone that's really a shower head. You'll get the tune as you sing it 'coz it's all made up and very daft. If you're stuck for words then hum a little too oo oo oo ooooon,If you feel absurd hum a little too oo oo oo oooonIf our brain freezes up, if the sun ain't out today.If your world is all wiped out and you're staring into space.Huma little t t t t toon, Hum a l
November 13, 2015
http://internetmarketingadvicefroma200yearoldvicto...I can't say fairer than that now, can I?
November 07, 2015
If that's blood on that cheese cake then I fink I'll avva slice, ta.Would you buy a product with a review like that? I'd certainly take a look to see what it was all about. That's the power that a blog can put at your finger tips!But, if you were selling cheesecake, with or without the blood, how many could you sell using a blog review and WordPress? Some, obviosly, will say as many as you like and that's quite true. But I have a bit of a problem when it comes to shopping cart systems - I've
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'Ello WAland, How's it all goin'?Not lettin' the grass grow under yer feet, are yer?I had a problem and I hate problems 'coz problems ain't in my dictionary - I shredded it. Me dictionary, not me problems, ya daft beggars. Me wife's a problem 'an she just refuses to let me shred her so I shredded the dictionary and ran outta the house 'coz it were her dictionary. I'm hiding in the shed at the moment wiv' the door barred up and a work-bench upright against the window. Me wife ain't gettin' in a
Does anyone have a funny or charming character that they simply love from the TV?If you are homebound then you may well watch rather too much TV than God probably intended you to but, there we go. All of us. everywhere, are all in this together. One of my favourite ever characters from any TV was a lady from Coronation Street. Her character name was Deidre Barlow and I think she was utterly hilarious in huge square rimmed glassed that made her look like a ruddy great fly.and she had one of t
I was my guvner's fault and I completely blame him for being really, really stupid. He's gone now, God rest his sweet soul, so I can kinda say what I like.Between me and him We took out an entire local bank's network. It was one heck of an achievement.It's all to do with wiring, you see, and how to blow up a rather large computer. It was a bank job I saw coming just before it happened when why boss wouldn't listen to reason. If anyone is unfamiliar with big power supples just ignore the jargo
Hello Land of WA and Land of Wonder. - ooh, I just noticed the bold & italic button, now ain't that nice?I've been rackin' me brains out. Thinkin' so hard I could hardly think and me thinkin' ran out. It's been doin' me nut right in. Me nut's been wearin'an 'ole in the carpet with all it's wanderings whilst wonderings. I've had cuppa after cuppa when me brain's been over-heating, 'coz I don't give up easy, I don't.Then one bright and sunny mornin' it only went and dawned on me. Cor, wha
Hello sheep and hello cows. If you are a horse or a duck then don't worry - we've not forgot you. Pigs, geese, and fatted calf, lend an ear, 'coz this concerns you all!It's been ages and ages since that bloke, Orwell, last wrote a history book with you lot in it so this blog is to speak to the livestock.If you're wondering why you ain't been getting milked lately or where your hay has gone, wonder no more. The answer is quite simply really, but you really ain't gonna be that impressed. It's