3 months in and time to start

Last Update: December 20, 2015

Hello Gang - this is a 3 month update about Andre's Adventures In WAnderland. Left to my own devices I might well not have bothered updating my profile with yet another blog but this one's a little more important than the other drivel I've written in the last three months. It's also a commandment in a lesson I'm doing.

The Most Important Thing RIGHT NOW.

If you're on a metered internet connection or any kind of data limit using Windows 7,8 or 8.1 Microsoft are downloading Windows 10 to your computer behind your back as we speak. This isn't nice since they don't ask anyone's permission they just assume it's OK with you. Average data use is up to 6GB per month which eats into your data allowance. Don't take my word for it though - checkout what Google users have to say by searching out latest windows updates and data usages.

The Next Most Important Things.

After 3 month's membership here in WAland it's great to be able to say how excellent WA is. As each day passes I'm more impressed both with WA but also by the helpfulness of members. By now, if there's a scam we'd have at least got a whiff of it. But I still cannot find any type of scam. In a light-hearted vein it's disappointing because my searching for a scam here at WA has been a total waste of time.

Here's what I've found is reality.

WA have helped me understand the principles and methods needed for successful blogging. We all need to know this - it's the basis of all our knowledge as we progress.

WA have helped me create websites that now can stand up against others with a professional feel and proper, engaging content that draws comments from visitors based on its content. That's very handy for a chatterbox like me.

WA have taught me how to use WordPress properly, including the plug-ins necessary to make a site rock. When it comes to knowing why your blog appears online as it does, WA tell you everything you need to know.

WA have taught me how to set up a Facebook site and get 250+ contributing members in under a month. When it comes to social media knowledge WA and it's members rule the world.


I made new friends - and that's incredibly important.

I joined WA to set up a particular blog site. Since I joined I've progressed about half way through both the Getting Started courses and the Affiliate Bootcamp. EITHER ROUTE is excellent - they both lead to knowledge and success. The reason this post exists is because it's part of one of the lessons - to tell you which might spoil your fun!

The accumulated knowledge and testing over previous sites I've started since joining WA, PLUS the feedback and support of the excellent WA community have given me the self confidence to make a serious start on the site I always intended about intelligent design theory. This area can be a minefield of differing opinions and WA has given me the ability to tackle the issues in this area in a comprehensive, understandable and interesting way.

The WA ethic of passing it forward is the basis of the very start of this blog - telling you that you could truly be losing your data allowance as Microsoft get sly. This, I hope is the concluding example of how WA and it's members work together and try to help each other as much as possible.

Summing It Up After 3 Months.

Hats off to Wealthy Affiliate - they've done everything they said they would and so much more. But much, much bigger hats off to all WA members who've helped more than they can imagine.

If I had the money back that I've spent on WA membership I'd spend it on the next 3 months right here and only here - at WA.

To any newcomers who ever read this - you are on the right path - the effort is simply all it now takes.

Best wishes and continued growth and success to everyone - Andre

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Herbie1 Premium
Andre, another star performance! Love it! Chris
ConeyM Premium
What a difference the 3 months make! Way to go and cheering for your success, today and beyond!
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Good show, great post, I think Andre has just landed. Awesome. Onwards and upwards from here.
krazykat Premium
Hats off to you too Andre.
All the best!
GreatTimes52 Premium
Thanks for the information Andre...Happy holidays to you as well!