One month!

Last Update: September 22, 2016

Ok, today is my first month here at WA,

I woke up this morning, looked at my phone and I had a PayPal notification "$47,00 have been sent to Wealthy Affiliate", I stood there thinking about it for a second, then I realized that a month actually passed by. Ok wow!

So I am going to write my accomplishments in this 30 days.

-Create a website: DONE

-Write 30 articles: DONE

-Get 1000 visitors from anywhere: DONE

-Get one referral: DONE (2)

-Get one referral to premium: NO(0)

-Setup all my website design: DONE

-Earn something: DONE ($1 for a referral confirmation)

-Learn: DONE

This is great, I feel very excited about it, and I do hope that around month 3, uncle G will hit me up, as I am trying to do everything properly now, so that it will pay off later.

Right now I am publishing one post per day, and I want to continue until month 3, so that I'll have 90 posts. At that time I will decrease to 3-4 articles per week.

I looked at my google analytics and I had in this first 30 days, 45 organic searches, I dont know if it's good either not.

Plus I have 17 subscribers to my list as well.

What do you think about this? I have no idea on whether is good or not, usual or not and so forth, as I don't have a point 0 to refer to.

Either way for anyone that still didn't see my website here you go:

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KeithMaki Premium
You are doing great! Keep up the good work! Keith
andreamonti Premium
Hello Keith,

Thanks a lot!

AndreaS3 Premium
Awesome progress! Well done!
andreamonti Premium
Ciao Andrea,

Thank you :D

TexPat Premium
good job andreamonti. "it is the journey, not the destination", that's where the juice is. you are systematically achieving the goals you set and THAT is a massive success. Keep it up and it will ALL be good.
andreamonti Premium
Hey Pharrington!

I corrected the errors around, haven't finished yet but the main pages are done, would you have a quick look to see if the content improved ? :D

It sure is the journey.
Thanks man.
JudeP Premium
You're doing really well :)
andreamonti Premium
Hello Jude,

Thanks a lot :D

rpenf Premium
Personally, I think what you've accomplished is great, and you're on the path to success...

Building a list - great

Social traffic source - awesome

Consistent content production on a great looking site will when Google decides to fully trust you explode your traffic even more.

MASSIVE congratulations... you deserve to take the afternoon off and have a beer :)

Look forward to hearing further progress.

andreamonti Premium
Hey Rp,

Thank you for your kind comment,

It's still in a baby phase but until I don't get noticed from google I won't give up. To this day it's like if I have seen the best chick on the planet, decide to ask her out and she said she'll think about it. What do I do? drop it and move to another one, or persist?

Hell persist, it's the key to success.

As for the beer, tomorrow it's Friday, the day I buy my Weissenberg pack :D are you familiar with it?

Cheers, Ady.
rpenf Premium
Don't know that brand, but enjoy... it's well deserved.