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September 22, 2016
Ok, today is my first month here at WA, I woke up this morning, looked at my phone and I had a PayPal notification "$47,00 have been sent to Wealthy Affiliate", I stood there thinking about it for a second, then I realized that a month actually passed by. Ok wow!So I am going to write my accomplishments in this 30 days.-Create a website: DONE-Write 30 articles: DONE-Get 1000 visitors from anywhere: DONE-Get one referral: DONE (2)-Get one referral to premium: NO(0)-Setup all my website design: D
September 16, 2016
Hello WA Friends!!So, I decided to make my logo as I am really serious with my website now and don't want to wait. Can you please give me a feedback? I like it a lot, and that's important of course, but I do want to know what you think about it.So? You like it?Also could you tell me if you like it how I aligned it in my That's important as well!!Thanks people!! Much love.Ady.
Hey folks , So today I'm just going to have you laugh a little.English is not my native language , I've been living in the US for 2 years , and in the UK for 1 , I speak pretty good , I got a good accent and my vocabulary is actually pretty rich. But. Grammar isn't really my thing. I always have a few typo errors on my articles , and sometimes I can't express my concepts easily, but it's not an issue as I keep rolling anyways and my website is actually going well.So w
September 05, 2016
So , i've been on WA from aprox. 2 weeks.If i look back, in this 2 weeks i've learned a lot , so many things that i didn't even imagine i could get here in such a short time. I am a salesman in the real world , so i manage my appointments like i want , and this gives me free time to stay home and develop my business online.The website i made is cool , i think it's quite good , i just need to finalize some pages and reviews , and keep adding at least 1 article per day , but as i said in a previo
Hey people ,So, I'm blogging because finally after 6 hours of writing , i'm half way on finalizing my website , i just need to finish the pages , and of course i will be always adding more content, but to this point i fell like the site is getting in shape.Check it out : , Let me know what you think of it! i appreciate it :Dcheers , andrea
August 28, 2016
Hey Folks ,Here again with a new article , improving my english and sharing my thoughts. So it's been a long time i was researching affiliate marketing course and guides , always with almost little no results , actually , for a while i didn't even understand what exactly affiliate marketing consisted in , i just knew it was a potential money machine, which that was the main reason i was attracted by it. Anyways, about a week ago , i was deep into this researches , and i was trying how to unders
Hey folks , So, the other day i bumped into a blog post that was explaining how important it is to have and write a "to-do list" everyday.Since i do completely agree with what the user wrote down , i wanted to share my way to write this "to-do list" , which is actually named : Daily Battle plan.So the main purpose is to have your goals and target written down , and the actions that you need to accomplish in order to get there. I'll show you a few examples that can give you some sort of idea. Al
August 22, 2016
Well , needless to say i'm lettering this post to declare my upgrade done a few minutes ago.Ok , let's split my night a second and i'll tell you how i got onto writing this post , my first one actually.So, back in the days around 3 years ago, i ran onto a friend of a friend on facebook. fair enough , nothing special , except the fact he was always posting about money , expensive life , financial freedom and this kind of stuff , which to me at the beginning was like , look another dude trying to