First week here at WA.

Last Update: August 28, 2016

Hey Folks ,

Here again with a new article , improving my english and sharing my thoughts.

So it's been a long time i was researching affiliate marketing course and guides , always with almost little no results , actually , for a while i didn't even understand what exactly affiliate marketing consisted in , i just knew it was a potential money machine, which that was the main reason i was attracted by it.

Anyways, about a week ago , i was deep into this researches , and i was trying how to understand how could someone be able to monetize through a facebook page. Somehow i landed onto , which had a article explaining affiliate marketing through amazon , and i started getting .. finally .. the real picture of what this universe was about.

Well , it ended up linking me on WA , which at first was quite shocking. Why that ?

I am the type of guy who thinks that online you can find a lot of crap and scams , so i was like , ok ! what is this ? all this bots welcoming me.. and bla bla .. Ahaha funny i know.

It eventually ended up that it was technically impossible, because you could actually have real conversations with the users , and also there were no pressures on upgrading , the things i was able to read ( lessons , articles , blog posts etc.. ) were so helpful , and it all looked like it was also a great big family.

Matter of fact , after an hour i just upgraded to premium and there it went.

I started following some lessons , and decided to start with building a Affiliate WA website to begin. See where that takes me , and then time to time build other websites.

I have now reached lesson n.6 of the affiliate bootcamp , and finally my website is getting in shape and focus. I still need to add my first contents , but i'll do it in the coming days.

And i'm also starting to understand how the wordpress machine works , and when you understand that , it's a pleasure , piece by piece you start mastering little things that will lead you to success , and i know that after , it's a downhill. The hard part is to build your knowledge and persist. So that's my advice to the newbies ( as me ) to just "surf the wave" with no rush , patiently , and all the knots will come to the comb!

So , i wanted to share this little success and be somehow inspirational to others.

Also i wanted to acknowledge this huge community which is great and fantastic.

I'll be updating shortly how my marketer career proceeds!

Cheers , Andrea.

P.S : If you want to check my work , it's here : i'd appreciate a feedback down in the comments :D

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DDarragh Premium
Great stuff Andrea, I am truly impressed about how far along you have come in such a short period. You really caught on. Good luck!
janmar Premium
Great work!
adamnjames Premium
Well done Andrea. Keep it up.
JudeP Premium
Great progress :)
AnthonyMLM Premium
Awesome keep moving forward