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Last Update: August 21, 2016

I am making it my mission to follow each and every one of you here in Wealthy Affiliate.

"Gorgeous house eh? Thats where my parents live. My father was a master builder - he did o.k for himself. It used to be a school. That's my mum and my brother in the background. He lives in the other side of the school. The kids are my daughter Ffion and my son David and my old dog Dill. It's an old photo. The kids are 15 and almost 13 now.

I have recently become even more of a black sheep of the family and we no longer have anything to do with each other. I haven't seen my son in over a year. Unfortunately my ex has a lot to do with this."

I think I followed over the 2000 mark already.

It would be great if everyone followed back. 922 followers out of over 2000 Followed come on people.

This was my beautiful house in France it was huge with 22 hectares of land, I really loved it but my Ex couldn't handle it out there and after buying it and moving out there, he moved back to his mums with my kids.

I had no choice to stay there to sort out papers for my dog (rabies/quarantine) which took another 4 weeks.

Then I had to lock it up and leave it forever to move in to a homeless hostel because my ex wouldn't find us a house to live in and I ended up in a homeless hostel full of druggies.


I miss my house in France, there could have been so much i could have done with that place. Then my Ex became my Ex because He divorced me?? I did nothing wrong and he continues to try and ruin my life up until present time.

He even has my son because I forgave and let my guard down, how stupid was I?

This time last year he decided to keep my daughter even though she was supposed to start the new term at her new school. It took a lot to get her back and the police and social services were useless. She has not seen her dad or brother since. It affects her daily and all of this blame lands at my feet. I still have not done anything wrong. Knowing what he did and has done, my parents seem to want to side with him...I have no idea why, I do not understand their logic at all.


Almost 5 months ago I found Wealthy Affiliate. I was looking for something like this because I was jobless, depressed on anti depressants, skint.

I am still skint (have no money) but with the people who I have met in here and busying myself creating 5 websites, it has changed my mindset. I can honestly say that I am no longer depressed. I should know because that was the 2nd long stint of depression.

That is a great achievement in such a short time and that is my story of success from April the 12th until present day.

My second success will be to somehow gain a referral. I have no idea why I have no-one.

My third success will be to actually earn something, even if it were just a single £1 I would be ecstatic. day.........soon, maybe.

Everyone has their own story - I do not need sympathy though because I am happy, fairly healthy and willing to do what it takes to take control of my life for me and my family, (and my eldest)

What I do need is comments on my websites and sharing by my social buttons, that would really, really help me. Please, feel free to help me that way.

There are loads of us in here. Thousands, all human.

All really lovely helpful people. I am just one of them. But I will always do my best to help anyone who needs it. I am always willing to chat, to leave comments, to share peoples stuff because I know that it all helps. I want to help and I want to do well.

Just imagine, if we all visited each other sites left a comment and shared through our share buttons.

We would all be supersonic.

Right out there in the World Wide Web.

Love to you all my lovely cyber family


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MPollock Premium
You have gone through a struggling life that is over, so proud of your take-charge actions, you will make it for sure, keep up the motivation and go for it, girl.
you are awesome. thanks.
AndiTointon Premium
Thanks Mike I will. And thanks for being an inspiration to me.
MPollock Premium
I will be there.
lynnsam61 Premium
We all have our struggles and it sounds like you've had more than your fair share. Keep the faith and know that you are moving in a positive direction. And I followed you right away for what it's worth :)
AndiTointon Premium
It's worth a whole lot Erica, I really appreciate you following me. I am definitely moving on and moving up. Thank you.
Traveller75 Premium
Hi Andi
Sorry for all the problems your husband has given you, Keep up the good work your doing here and things will all work out for you over time. Wayne
AndiTointon Premium
Hello Wayne, Yes the past is the past and it can stay there, I have officially started my new chapter in my life and it's all good.
AndiTointon Premium
Apologies for two very different parts of my life in this blog. It has made me a little crazy and mixed up I think. It's just that I found the first photo while looking for something suitable to insert into this blog - anyway, this happened instead. No sympathy needed, just consider it as you helping me like a therapy session. Thanks in advance for reading it.
JudeP Premium
Wow, you've had a tough time of it Andi and I can certainly empathise with you. I've had some awful times and my daughters are still struggling because of them, but I'm here, I'm alive, I've got a roof over my head and food in my belly - that makes me successful in my eyes :)
AndiTointon Premium
Good on you Jude, things are different now, you know what, I think we are already supersonic. x