Time - The only finite resource we have

Last Update: August 03, 2019

Guess the most powerful thing in the world - TIME

TIME - A finite resource

I have always been taught at schools by my teachers and parents that make yourself more educated and you will be very successful. While that is true, it is not possible with smart time management. I have realised the importance of time when I reflect on my life in the past 5 years. I was never able to manage my time and as a result, I have faced consequences. I really wish if I could rewind the clock I would have been a millionaire by now.

Why do I say this? If only I had saved my time on doing things that I didn't do. No matter what I do I won't get that time back. Having said that I have now started to manage my time better by tracking every hour of the day and it includes writing this post. By doing that I can allocate and predict time for various tasks and hence can monitor my productivity. This in turn will help me set my GOALS and track them with the help of tracking my time. Hence, just by managing my time I can set my GOALS, plan how to achieve them, increase my productivity by cutting out tasks thats dont need doing (prioritising), reuse (invest) my saved time on other important taks, track and monitor time on routine tasks and find ways to do them quicker to save time and ultimately meet goals and be successful. Such is power of time. It is said rightly that poor people SELL time while rich people BUY time. The single most thing you can do is to to track time on whatever you do at any given hour during the day and then analyse it to make changes

Thank you for reading this and feel free to share your opinions/ideas

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Andrew888 Premium
Don't forget to take some time to have some fun every day :-)
anand1209 Premium
Play hard work hard by managing time.
ExpatMark Premium
Money replenishes itself, time does not.

anand1209 Premium
And hence time is more powerful than money. Thanks for commenting
firstlearn Premium
Time and tide wait for no man Anand. Time is something we have to get used to managing. If we don't then we will never win the battle.

anand1209 Premium
Well said. Thanks for commenting