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August 01, 2020
Yay, I am delighted to say that I have finished level 2 on training. This brings me joy that I have come this far. It is also an indicator of the perseverance that I have shown despite the difficulties I am curently facing in my professional life. I have learned to change some of my bad habits (mostly procrastinating and not taking action) and have also developed positive mindset. Websites updatewebsites are slowly coming along as I am still struggling with the content. Content is the only thi
HurrrayyyJust got an email from wealthy affiliate that google has indexed my another post. It is a small victory but it means a lot to me and it also proves that wealthy affiliate training works.Things to do from now on- Regularly post quality content- Keep on training on wealthy affiliate platform- Start using jaxy keyword after reading a post by Edwin Bernard - Revisit goals and aim for scheduled delivery of postsObstacles- Generating content ideas. I am struggling to come up with 1000-1500 w
March 21, 2020
Yesterday I wrote a post about not giving up. Today I had an email notifying me that one of my content is indexed by google. This is the first time that it happened and my self confidence got a boost. Had I quitted this would never have happened. Now I know what I am capable of and I indeed believe that you are more capable than you think. PERSISTENCEpersistence is the key in whatever you do. Your ability to deal with failures and your barriers will define your level of success. It is esier sai
March 19, 2020
Its all about losing your track and coming back to it. That's right, it is easy to lose your track in this stressy life but key is to return back. I have yet again lost my track and decided to come back to it. This also means starting from scratch again. After all its the commitment that will help you cross the line. I have also revisited my website and decided to enter a different niche. I will have to literally start all my courses again but atleast its better than giving up. I believe in int
September 28, 2019
PerseveranceDo not ignore the power of perseverance. Performing small efforts everyday will add up and it will pay back as dividends. There will be times when you feel like giving up but think about why you got started in the first place. It is all about your mental state and to choose positive thoughts all day. It is very easy to get sucked into negativity as our brain will naturally select negative version of life due to survival mechanism. However, it is our job to put it back on positive tr
Hello allI am writing a blog after almost three months after I have picked myself up from my difficult circumstances. Consequently, my ranking has affected severely and so is my attitude. Therefore, I decided to read a book on attitude and found out that out of everything, positive attitude will take you to places. Firstly I need to remind myself everyday that I am part of wealthy affiliate family as I do read the blogs and training by others. However, for some reason I ignore it as I think tha
August 17, 2019
How about requesting Kyle and Carson about developing wealthy affiliate appIt will benefit all those who are time bound as app can allow you instantly to write posts, like and comment on posts. It can also allow us to watch training videos on the go and lot more. At the moment you can do all those things but you have to sit besides your laptop/PC. I am not sure if there is any app out there for WA but if not then it could be a good idea. Please share your opinions/ideas
Guess the most powerful thing in the world - TIME TIME - A finite resourceI have always been taught at schools by my teachers and parents that make yourself more educated and you will be very successful. While that is true, it is not possible with smart time management. I have realised the importance of time when I reflect on my life in the past 5 years. I was never able to manage my time and as a result, I have faced consequences. I really wish if I could rewind the clock I would have been a m
July 24, 2019
Like any business, I decided to do SWOT analysis on myself. By doing this I will hopefully understand where I am and where I need to beS - strength - willingness to learn affiliate marketing - confidence to do it- Believing it’s possible - Willing to help others- Ability to write freelyW - weakness - shiny object syndrome - Time management as I work aroung 45-50 hrs a week plus 10 hrs of commute. So upto 60 hrs a week- Not much experience of affiliate marketing- Struggling to execute lear
July 23, 2019
Meditation has been around for centuries which has been overlooked in today’s stressful life. My day job is so stressful that I always suffer from anxiety, burnout and stress. I always tend to look out for temporary solutions to these emotions such as watching a film, checking my Facebook. Sometimes I use non healthy strategies such as smoking and drinking when I overly anxious and stressful. I then decided to sit down and think about root cause of these problems and how to overcome it.