'Life getting in the way or your attitude'?

Last Update: September 20, 2019

Hello all

I am writing a blog after almost three months after I have picked myself up from my difficult circumstances. Consequently, my ranking has affected severely and so is my attitude. Therefore, I decided to read a book on attitude and found out that out of everything, positive attitude will take you to places.

Firstly I need to remind myself everyday that I am part of wealthy affiliate family as I do read the blogs and training by others. However, for some reason I ignore it as I think that I have lost it and falling behind. Therefore, I am going to catch up with all the lost content (training and other important questions) and continue with my website later. Moreover, I haven't found my niche yet and that;s the part of the reason why I ignore things at WA. After great understanding and awareness I have changed my attitude towards affiliate marketing and will hopefully continue with it.

Please feel free to give advice/suggestions and share your opinions/experiences

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mmussehl Premium
Life will always want to get in the way. Once you find your niche it will come much easier and time will fly while you are helping others.
anand1209 Premium
Thank you Michelle. Hopefully I should be able to find my niche sooner than later. Thank you for commenting 👍🏽
firstlearn Premium
The positive mental attitude is something we all need to adopt. If I am not in a positive zone I will not write because I know my attitude will be represented in what and how I write.

I always taught my pupils to have a positive mental attitude when I was a driving instructor. This positive attitude helps with your confidence.

anand1209 Premium
Positive mental Attitude is the single most thing you can do to win. It comes with practice as it is very easy to get sucked into negativity.
Aussiemuso Premium
Hi Anand, yes life can get in the way but congratulations on fighting back.

Once you have selected a niche you will feel more focused and confident. You are in health care and love helping people.
How about a website aimed at optimising health as you get older?

Lily 😊
anand1209 Premium
Thank you lily. That’s a very good suggestion and I’ll definitely look into it👍🏽