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Last Update: June 19, 2018

Hiya friends,

It's been awhile since I blogged here, and quite frankly, struggling with what to write about. I don't want to write about coffee or my trip to Florida or my son's graduation or any of those other personal experiences because I'm not sure that is really relevant here.

I don't want to blog about how I am trying so desperately to get my site off the ground and ranked -- or how I am trying to gain traffic by any means possible -- or how exhausting this is, and how discouraged I am feeling. I don't want to blog about that because it is a downer and I feel like it compares me to all the other successful people here.

My site stats have improved, -- see the screen shot below -- but if this is any indication of how things are going, it will be another few years before I see any significant income.

This is better than it was a couple of months ago, but not nearly what it should be.

I don't want to blog about the fact that I have spent SO many hours working on my site -- about 20 hours a week, that it has taken me away from running my graphic and web design business, and now I am struggling to pay my bills. So I'm not making money there, and I'm not making money here.

Working full time has me at a HUGE disadvantage, as compared to other success stories here, and that is very disconcerting to me.

Anyway, maybe I need to blog about changing my mind-set, and knowing that a change in perspective may be a good thing. I can't over-generalize or compare myself. There will always be people who are more successful than me, and there will always be people who are less successful, and what's the point of the comparison, anyway? It just serves to make me feel bad.

So, not sure if anyone has noticed that I've been quiet, but this is why -- just struggling to figure this all out.

Thanks for reading,


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BrendaW1 Premium
Boy do I understand Amy. I've been doing this for a year and working full-time and it is very difficult to keep up. I never seem to get ahead. I only know that I am determined to make a success of this and with the help of WA I feel I can do it. I guess the trick is to keep patient and just keep going!
amyr2017 Premium
Another full-timer...?!!!! Woo-hoo...!!!!!
Music to my ears.
Yes we have to make this work, and you just made my day.
Thank you...
RAFStuart Premium
Not quite sure how to reply to your post. It is obvious that you are unhappy at the way things are going, hate to say it been there and done it, also not yet made a penny or a dime, but I WILL succeed and so will you if you stick at it. So carry on young lady, try a change of direction, or your mind set, or your way or times of working. But do not give in.
amyr2017 Premium
Thank you for that...! Maybe I just needed to hear it...
DrewBrewer Premium
Hi Amy,
What I have found that really works well, is to find a system that works.(Obviously there are many systems that are working out there) Tony Robbins has always talked about modeling. Find a model (system) that works and use that same model for what you're doing. I think you will find that to be very effective.

Cheers and Success,
amyr2017 Premium
Thanks, Drew — I appreciate that suggestion...!
gjshawk Premium
It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one struggling. I guess misery loves company, as they say. Maybe we should form a club! The Struggling To Succeed Club. The catch-22 is that content is key but to keep coming up with original content day after day is difficult, at least for me.

Thanks for your post. You made me feel better.
amyr2017 Premium
Hi Grant —
So glad I helped you to feel better, and I love your idea of the STS Club here at WA....
Yes it is a catch-22 because it is exhausting to come up with content day after day — that anyone would want to read.

I keep hearing that we have to come up with content that speaks to our audience and keeping that in mind has made it a bit easier for me. What would I like to read about?

Aside from that, it takes me way too long to write a post and by the time I am done, I’m out of time.
Keep in touch and all the best ....
gjshawk Premium
I hear ya.
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks for sharing Amy. Hang in there.....its all we can do really.
amyr2017 Premium