I’m struggling but if I quit I will never have a chance to win!

Last Update: July 20, 2019

I havn’t been very active at WA for a while and my ranking from top 200 dropped to 2700, lol.

Maybe because sometimes life goes in the way or maybe the WA honey moon is over. No matter what, it seems like the excitement of starting my own online business is calming down.

Since my last WA post, my website’s organic traffic is taking off, from 20+ to near 300 a day. Meanwhile the direct and referral traffic dropped dramatically. I need to find a way to bring them back.

In the last couple of weeks I have been struggling to find good topics for my niche website. The progress of writing and publishing has slowed down.

Even though I‘m expecting my first payment of over $100 from amazon in a few days, I’m still not sure if I can continue to make money from this site because I just don’t know how much more I can write.

Yesterday after hours of research and frustration, I finally decided to take a break. At that moment my mind was full of crap. All the negative thoughts that I have been trying so hard to avoid at last broken out:

  • There are too many competitors.
  • My website doesn’t look good enough.
  • I’m out of ideas.
  • Not many people would like to read long articles, they’re just too boring.
  • Maybe I really should start a new website with an easier niche topic.

blah blah blah...

That’s it. I can’t do it, I can’t let it keep eating my mind and my soul!

So I shutted down my computer and went out to the backyard. The temperature was about 97. It for sure was not comfortable being outside. But when I looked at the butternut squash I planted, my mind soon calmed down.

There are some big and beautiful squashes on the green stems are waiting for ripening. Only a few months ago they were just little seedlings but look at them now. I can imagine that in a couple of months I will be harvesting them and enjoying the delicious dishes.

Hey wait, doesn’t that sound familiar? Yes, my website. It’s growing just like my squash. If I have the patience waiting for harvest the squashes, why don’t I have the same patience for my beautiful website. It’s only a toddler after all, and it already starts generating money. I should be happy and appreciate it instead of thinking of abandon it.

Back into the house, I wrote this line in my notebook:

If you quit, you will never have a chance to taste the success!

After I wrote these words, I felt so released. I have just re-charged my brain and ready to continue my journey.

Two hours later, came out of the blue, some great ideas pumped up to my head. I immediately put them in my notebook. They will be my seeds for creating more high quality contents.


That was my day of struggling and frustrating, but also a renewer day.

Running your own business is a tough job. It’s harder than just wake up and go to work. At least you know that in the end of the month there is some money waiting for you.

As an affiliate marketer you have to expect working a few months or even years for nothing. There are not many people have that kind of patience. However, if you see your website as a tree, it certainly needs to take time to grow, mature and produce fruits.

When you prepare for the long haul, you will start to trully enjoy the journey. Trust yourself, trust WA, all your hard work will finally paying off and you will enjoy the freedom you have created!

I hope you all have a great and restful weekend.


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LauraFuller Premium
Amy. We all go through this. To overcome it, work through it and continue on is real success.

You did the right thing to walk away. It worked!

Just keep keeping on.

AmyHD Premium
You are right, sometimes we need to take a break and the fresh air may clear the mind.
Thank you, Laura.
Talk2Ray Premium
Hi Amy, good to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your journey and thoughts along the way. You helped me to be open to looking farther along instead of what is happening today.
Keep moving forward.
AmyHD Premium
Thanks a lot, Ray. Have a wonderful weekend. : )
mmussehl Premium
I love your post as it resonates well with me. I have a garden too that is just starting to take off. I think to myself that when I planted it I did not know if it would grow but I had faith that it would. Still, a month after planting and pulling all those weeds I had to keep the faith that the bunnies would not try and eat my veggies. I am reminded now of how this relates to my website. I could have abandoned it and given up as I have had all the same doubts you experienced. But..... I am glad I did not. I am keeping the faith... I may not have a huge success at first but I will eventually if I don’t give up. All the best to you!!!
AmyHD Premium
Thank you, Michelle. Your words encourage me a lot. I am glad that you didn't give up. Your big success is coming to you.
Best wishes.
Twack Premium
There are always going to be times like these Amy. You did the right thing and came through. Grit, determination and persistence will get you there.
AmyHD Premium
I'm hanging in there. Thank you, Twack. : )
JohaneG Premium
It is not over until is over.
AmyHD Premium
I agree. Thank you, Johane.
JohaneG Premium