Here is how my one-year old website is doing.

Last Update: December 16, 2019

Yes, my baby website is one year old.

I still remember that some of its ‘first’.

  • Fist post.
  • Fist index.
  • First ranking.
  • First organic comment.
  • First sale.
  • First payment.
  • ......

I still remember those frustrations but also those exciting moments I have been through.

I cannot say that I have reached my goal but I have learned and accomplished so much in the past year.

Here's how my website is doing after one year of work. (In fact, my last post was published two months ago. After that I have been spending time with my parents and family. For me, comparing money, the valuable time will never be found once it passed by. )

  • 151 posts, 5 pages.
  • Average organic traffic 450/day.
  • Average users 520/day.
  • Monthly Sessions 18.4K.
  • Last moth I have received first payment from Google Adsense $103.55. The current balance $66.31.
  • Have constant sales from amazon, the average income is about $60.

I know those are not big numbers. However, they are from my first 10 months of hard work. Even though I have slowed down but my site has not stopped its growth.

I hope this short post will give you, especially the new members some insights and inspire you keep to moving forward.

Even you haven’t seen any result yet but don’t easily quit. WA’s training works, I can assure you.

For myself, I will definitely need to work harder in the upcoming year.

I wish everyone all the best and great success in 2020 as well.


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seodoc26 Premium
That's good to hear. I have been wondering what to expect as I am still waiting for a payout. I'm looking forward to accumulating enough for a payout. It's taking forever. It seems the harder I work, the more issues (site, speed, etc) I have to fix. So if really be happy to see I can one day make a living doing this.

Thanks for sharing.
AmyHD Premium
Hi Brian. I can feel your frustration. Everything you have been through is very normal for most people including myself.
Just keep doing what you have to do. Your hard work will be paying off soon.
Thank you for your comment. Blessings. : )
CordeliaN Premium
Amy that was really good to read, it is encouraging and no it might not be $2000 pm but it very well might be one day. I loved reading about your profess I’m already looking forward to next years update.. 👍
AmyHD Premium
Thank you Cordelia for your encouragement. : )
Mick18 Premium
Congrats on your progress, Amy. You are doing wonderful. It's great to see you.
I wish you much success in 2020.
AmyHD Premium
Mick, great to see you too. : )
Thank you for your kind words.
David960 Premium
Your family is first, make memories.

Great to hear your successes. Thanks for sharing,
AmyHD Premium
Absolutely. Family comes first. Thank you David.
JaneMahlehle Premium
Great job Amy!
Thanks for sharing your progress. Wishing you continued success.
AmyHD Premium
Thanks Jane for stopping by.