W.A. beats the cancer blues!! :) and Happy 4th of July!

Last Update: July 04, 2012
I am writing this NOT for sympathy, I am writing this to inspire others.
Yesterday I had a lumpectomy. I have breast cancer, well, HAD breast cancer. When the pathology report comes I am certain it will say I am cancer free :) Anyway...
Here I am today still kind of loopy from the anesthesia. Couldn't wait to get back to W.A. and also finish my street article to link to my page on Alzheimers/dementia on my website!
I want anyone reading this to know. I am a person that has had many set backs in my life. I came from a bad beginning. I had a bad middle and not so great adult life too...until the past 4 years but even those have been fraught with hard times.
I put everyone first, always. never made time or effort for myself, and in the process, lost myself.
Finding W.A. and what it has helped me accomplish in just the 40 odd days I've been here is amazing.
Never did I think I could "build a website".
Never did I think I could write articles that were worth reading.
Yet I have. Thanks to W.A.
Yes I may be sappy today because of my recent surgery and the emotions it evokes, but I want to tell everyone, this is what you put into it!
It works if you work it!!!
W.A. is helping me build my dreams. Helping seniors and their families, what I have done my entire adult life, now on a grander scale! Taking my knowledge, researching and learning more each day, and HELPING people. That's what its all about!
Hope I can inspire someone to not give up, keep going!
I won't let cancer beat me, I've got too much to get done now!
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ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing. :)
Shawn Martin Premium
jpnetco Premium
"I put everyone first, always. never made time or effort for myself, and in the process, lost myself." I think Nurses have this built into their DNA. Congratulations on beating the cancer, my Aunt is a breast cancer survivor, but sadly I lost my father to lung cancer several years ago. Just the mention of cancer can an emotional upheaval for those going through it. I think you have found yourself now, with your dreams and efforts to continue helping others through your internet business. Good Job, Amy. Thanks for the share.
Telmari Premium
This is fantastic! What an amazing thing to be a cancer survivor! My mother went through a very similar process & surgery a number of years ago, so I know what kind of joy it can bring to be free from cancer!

I admire your dream of helping others - since that's just what I'm trying to do too!
Amy Farr Premium
Thanks Telmari!
I was pretty emotional yesterday. But what I wrote was true. Helping people, putting others first, can be the best reward of all.
I hope your mother is doing well, and wish you & your family much success!