You need only one website.why?

Last Update: February 14, 2018

Hey friends!

So I wanted to share this thing that I have found out recently.Before I became premium I was thinking about 50 niches.

I had more than 50 IDEAS . But after becoming a premium member I had 50 site but 0 idea .


because all I was thinking about was money.I was thinking if this nich can make money or not .I am sure we all have been there.

I was just jumping around for awhile .then I realized this:

It doesn,t matter if you have 10000 site but you can,t post any thing or you can,t post something with good content.

For good content you need information about niche.Yes you can google it .But then it wont be Unique.

Let,s do the map

Here is what I did .

One site = niche that I,m interested ( I love to read about it , I love to google it , I love to write about it ) = more posts = better content =more traffic = and boom money will come itself.

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MarkBa Premium
Well said. Focus on one, get it working and the repeat again and again... if you have time. ~Mark
BillandSue Premium
You are so right about your passion has to be your niche.

If I were to chose cooking, for example, as a niche because it might make money, I'd be totally wrong. Why? Because I have little interest in cooking, other then self-surviving.

Not many articles would appear, other then boiling hot dogs, maybe. But when you start writing about your passion, that is a whole different ball game.

The wife would have to knock me out to get me away from the computer.

Thanks for sharing an important point.

SteveCrozza Premium
You have put into words what many people have trouble with initially, me too.

It is great to have so many ideas but the realities are that it is really only possible to do justice to one site and one niche at a time.

Sure you can end up with multiple sites, just one at a time.

I like the way you explain it.

Good luck
amirreza1377 Premium
thanks Steve