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February 14, 2018
Hey friends!So I wanted to share this thing that I have found out recently.Before I became premium I was thinking about 50 niches.I had more than 50 IDEAS . But after becoming a premium member I had 50 site but 0 idea . Why?because all I was thinking about was money.I was thinking if this nich can make money or not .I am sure we all have been there.I was just jumping around for awhile .then I realized this:It doesn,t matter if you have 10000 site but you can,t post any thing or you can,t post s
February 05, 2018
WOW , I have been waiting for this moment for along time now , YES I am premium now . You can,t imagine how hard it was for me ...... for you it is like ice cream because you are living in a free country like USA but I had banking problems . but I made it didn,t I ???????