Secret Pitfall of SEO

Last Update: March 30, 2017

1.No value proposition (Start from here!!)

a.why would a user select my site in search results

b.create product or service compelling

c. differentiate yours from competitor

i.Cheap, Free shipping
ii.Great customer service
iii.Local store or certain languages

2.Segmented approach

a.Holistic approach aligned with larger business goals and every department community. Business depart, SEO team and marketing should be work together.
b.All SEO of user experience, from marketing campaign to conversion
c.Goal of all part should be the same.

3.Time-consuming workarounds

a. New rel = “next” and rel=”prev” mark up for paginated content
b. Submit new/updated content to be crawled through “Fetch as google bot” in webmaster tools. Withing 24 hours
c. SEO isn’t up to date

4. Caught in SEO trends

a.Use search engines chased the user, Get user to visit and convert
b.Then, as the market matured, thing went a little crazy
c.Ignore the optimal keyword density for my content? Not a great focus, just write compelling, readable, informative stuff!
d.Avoid SEO trends and instead prioritize the

5.Slow iteration Contently Evolving
a.Define metrics for success
b.Implement improvements
c.Measure impact
d.Create new improvements
e.Prioritize improve events based on market and personnel

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