This is the day I was born!

Last Update: April 25, 2018

As a mom I can imagine how my mom delivered me today.

I am the second child. And I am very sure she was very very happy to have me.

It's just sad that she's not here to celebrate with me, been about 14 years already.

But if she was here, she'll be very happy. She loved me, she loved us all so much.

My mom is the best in the world, like everyone of you would say... and I miss her so much. :)

How do I feel today?


for my life...

for my family...

for my friends ( both offline and online)...

for everything I do...

for the vast opportunities given to me and those waiting still to be tapped...

for all the blessings...

and especially for this LIFE that was given to me by the Almightly God....

I want to ask myself this question as well...

Am I happy?

Yes... Yes I am..... happiness is being thankful for what i have.

My children are not here... my daughter who's just one country away wants to go here but I said no.. we will see her anyway this Saturday.

My husband is taking a half day off.. and he wants me to buy anything I like.

I said no.. I want to use the money with other useful things...

Because I have so much.... (talking about a lot of stuff)

Clothes and shoes and bags and accessories that I don't get to wear all together ... I wish I can hahaha..

I have given away so much too and there's still a lot to be put away..

I want to be a MINIMALIST...

Here's another question...

Am I ok with my career?

I want to answer this truthfully.

In all honesty ... no

I know I can do a lot..

I know I can achieve a lot...

I know I can be more than what I am today...

I know also that it all depends upon me...

I know that I should do something about it...

But what's stopping me?.... holly molly

I have Wealthy Affiliate...

I have all the resources I need to learn, learn, learn....

And eventually earn... earn... earn....

Sometimes we thought we know what to do....

I thought I know what to do... but...

I feel I am at a lost...

I don't know where to begin (again) really...

Really... this is how I feel...

There are so much going on...

Information overload... (my fault)

And we thought that all those people can really help us..

At least that's what I thought...

Well.. maybe they can.. and maybe not..

But what I learned is ...


We are the only ones who can really HELP ourselves.

I am the only one who can TURN everything around.

Of course those people can help us...

That is if we are willing to learn... that is if I am willing to LEARN...

Now that I am one year older... ( although I've long wanted to stop at 50... LOL)

I hope that I will see a BETTER VERSION of me very soon..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and to all who's also celebrating their birthdays here.

I wish you all a great day... and talk later!


Arline :)

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accad Premium
I can sense you are happy with your family but I pray that the joy of the Lord be your strength.
Count your blessings and name them one by one and see what the Lord has done for you.
amexrn Premium
That is exactly what I am very happy about... my faith. Thanks a lot for dropping by.
accad Premium
You are welcome.
Lazyblogger Premium
Happy today-you-were-born-day. Hope you live to see many more and that they get better each and every time.
amexrn Premium
Thank you very much.
Loes Premium
Happy birthday to you, have a great day, and next weekend with your daughter
amexrn Premium
Thanks a lot Loes for your greeting. I miss her so much, I haven't seen her for almost a month now so it'll be a great day. :)
Steven-A Premium
Nice post.
Happy Birthday
amexrn Premium
Thanks a lot Steven.
UrsaMajor Premium
Happiest of birthdays, to you! I send best wishes of a wonderful year to you! Cheers!
amexrn Premium
Thanks so much. Followed you as well.