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I created a website called We Are Affiliates or WAA as I call it which is basically inspired by Wealthy Affiliate. WAA is about a caring community of succesful and aspiring e-preneurs. I created it for the purpose of the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday offers. But I was kinda shy or let's say I didn't have that confidence about what I have written in that post so it was never read by anyone. The post title was Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Offer 2017. Yesterday I read about it and I thought
June 13, 2018
I am back for the _th time. :D Too tired to count and remember, LOL But it isn't really a lot of times that I was not able to pay on time and I was "cast away" LOLI really don't know what to write but I will let my thoughts guide me and let my hands write randomly. I've been away for almost a month I think. I received an email from Kyle 3 days ago that my domains will be deleted in 5 days so I said to myself I will give it another try. And this time (I promise) to work on my lessons regularly.
I thought I wanted to share this beautiful poem by an anonymous writer titled DON'T QUIT who inspires me to just keep on going when times are hard and every now and then when I am on the verge of giving up or sometimes to the point of uttering these words... "I give up" Admit it or not there are times (despite us being positive) we can only think of the opposite especially when we are experiencing hardships and difficulties that made us want to give up or at least say those words.."I QUIT " whi
April 27, 2018
I've just received an email from Kyle about the 2 domains that I have which are pending removal. These are the and makeyouronlinepresenceprofitable.comI haven't really worked on the because I also have a blog at blogspot about the same topic. Although there are still a lot to write about. I thought I would create a website for that to direct my blog of the same title or completely transfer the contents to it but when I was doing that I encountered technical p
As a mom I can imagine how my mom delivered me today. I am the second child. And I am very sure she was very very happy to have me. It's just sad that she's not here to celebrate with me, been about 14 years already. But if she was here, she'll be very happy. She loved me, she loved us all so much. My mom is the best in the world, like everyone of you would say... and I miss her so much. :)How do I feel today? I am GRATEFULfor my life...for my family...for my friends ( both offline and online).
April 10, 2017 this was the day and the year I found Wealthy Affiliate. The same day I went premium. The day I felt that I found the most warm and friendly community in the virtual world. The day I was so excited to build a website or websites. The day I thought that I will be able to have a taste of my first dollar eventually. The day I thought that will really make a big change or difference in how I'll do in the next days or months or a year after. The welcoming messages were very inspiring
Today my faith was tested and that of my husband. Sunday is one of the most important days for the members of the Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ like us to go to church and attend worship service. The other day is Thursday so that means we attend worship services 2x a week. Today was no different except that we left my key which my husband inserted to the keyhole last night. He always does that for double safety purposes. He coudn't find his key and so he used mine. This morning before w
"The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started" - Dawson TrotmanI was chosen to participate in Super Affiliate Challenge and even if I am not expecting it, I was very happy that out of those who applied I was one of those lucky ones who were given the chance to know and learn more about affiliate marketing or about having an online business and eventually be successful in it. The challenge started last month, February. I was thrilled, excited to begin just like everybody e
February 22, 2018
When I was young, I wanted to be a surgeon. In my elementary days we were asked this question.... " What do you want to be when you grow up? We were also asked to write an essay about it. I wanted to be doctor, specifically a surgeon. I don't know but I thought it was influenced by a lot of doctors in the side of my father's family. But I was to be a nurse and during my college days I've been very good at assisting surgeons in the operating room. That continued when I worked in the hospital. As
February 20, 2018
As everyone knows especially those who have read my bio or read my blog, I am running my small company locally. A few days ago I've asked this question " Can I create a sub domain for my existing local website? Marion Black has been very helpful and I am grateful for that.Here's the short conversations we had 2 days ago. website is and was built by my husband in a html code which of course is complicated fo