Add Google Webmaster Tool to your web sites

Last Update: June 17, 2017

Hello All,

Helpful tip to adding the Webmaster Tool to your website. This tool will aid you in the Search Engine Optimization to increase your organic search traffic.

Below is a link to a video tutorial setup. If you have not signed up for newsletter you should, lots of great info.

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MizBurke314 Premium
Hey Annamarie--

I would so HUG you right now if you were nearby! I could not figure out what I was doing wrong for almost a week trying to get my site verified!! I was using very colorful language and...never mind. I was not having any luck and you just linked me to a short video that showed me what to do in like 90 seconds! THANK YOU!

ericpierre Premium
Thanks for this reminder, Annamarie. Don't forget to do it for Bing too.
pablocortina Premium
Thank you
MKearns Premium
It's a must have on my list of plugins Amber!
JamesJB Premium
I's a must actually to have Webmaster Tools.