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Life seems to consume us sometimes. My last blog post on my site was August 5th and the last time I did any training on WA was about the same.No surprise when I came into WA an say my rankings drop 500 plus points. Even more painful of a site was seeing the number of visits to my websites drop drastically.While trying to work a full time life and a career outside of WA and my websites, it's hard to stop and take time for other aspects of your life that are important, like WA.WA offers so much
Now on to BOOTCAMP time!Thank you all for you assistance.!
I found a wonderful tool to assist and keyword phrases or long tail keywords. Figure out the proper keywords and phrase still seemed to be a mystery to me when using other tools like Good Adsense or Jaaxy. This all stopped when I watch a video on YouTube and they explained how works. What's even more awesome is KWFinder give you two free searches a day. Yes this doesn't sound like much be when you know what you are looking for you can plan ahead.Everything Kyle has been
July 02, 2017
I'm scrolling through the blogs looking for what interests me and I've come a crossed a few blogs that are in a different languages. I've click on them and based on the pics the blog may be interesting but I can't read it. How cool would it be to have a translate button to read the blog?Sorry WA I know this is a big ask but it would truly bring the community closer.:-)AnnaMariep.s. there is a very go chance there is a button and I've missed it!
June 25, 2017
WooHoo Course 2 complete. Wealthy Affiliate is a Wealth of Information.Feed me more Knowledge...Thank you
Moving right along. I completed Online Entrepreneur & Affiliate Bootcamp. :-)On to course 2 of both programs. Thank you WA for all the lessons.
Hello All,Helpful tip to adding the Webmaster Tool to your website. This tool will aid you in the Search Engine Optimization to increase your organic search traffic.Below is a link to a video tutorial setup. If you have not signed up for newsletter you should, lots of great info.
wow. How exciting to wake up and see you got a notification that Google has now ranked one of my sites. For me it's very exciting news since I've only been at this about a week or two. Of course I haven't checked to see what the ranking is but very excited to earn a badge and to be ranked. To all have a blessed day!
What is your Frequency? Are you thinking the right thoughts to attraction success, wealth, health and happiness?You are the creator of your world. Your frequency attractions what you thinking, feel and have.Be still and tune your frequency.Be~Do~Have
June 08, 2017
Start my first web site now for the real work. Content!