Valuable long-tailed Low hanging fruit- Keywords

Last Update: October 21, 2019

I have been doing some keywords research and creating content, so what have I found really helps if getting your content ranked?

Long-tailed, Low hanging fruit, keywords!

Let me show you the value

"Making Money" VS "Making Money online with Affiliate marketing SEO"

When you create a long tail, you are adding more connections to that keyword and the ability to rank in more than one phrase.

When you start gaining authority with your site you will see that Google will reward for taking action on this small trick.

I found this super helpful in the beginning, and have great success in getting most of my content indexed before creating the site map for Google.

Site mapping your website and submitting to Google really helps, so don't forget.

Best wishes in all your success!


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Jason T Premium
Makes perfect sense. I just started looking into some more long tailed keywords for the exact reason you just explained and it's been working out great.
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
I liked your explanation regarding getting ranked for more than one keyword using long tailed keywords.

I’ve noticed that when I research long tailed keywords in Jaaxy I rarely get results telling me there is high traffic and low competition. The results usually show <10 for all categories. What has your experience been?

Thanks for your time.

timstime20 Premium
Great info
Twack Premium
AmberJoyful, one of the wonderful name. Excellent advice and tip. Working hard in the background by the sounds of it. Spectacular.
JohnFricker Premium
Hey Amber - that's great to know - thanks very much for the tip!