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I have been doing some keywords research and creating content, so what have I found really helps if getting your content ranked?Long-tailed, Low hanging fruit, keywords!Let me show you the value"Making Money" VS "Making Money online with Affiliate marketing SEO"When you create a long tail, you are adding more connections to that keyword and the ability to rank in more than one phrase. When you start gaining authority with your site you will see that Google will reward for taking action on thi
October 14, 2019
Hello WA Family!I have been a member of the community for a little under a month and I wanted to share how my experience and progress is going. I just want to also leave a shout out to all the amazing people on here who have provided much support in all my success! Thank you!I currently have a few keyword rich posts on my website, created a great logo, set up my FB fan page, and the layout of the website is better than I thought it would be. I'm still currently working on a theme issue and hopi
Websites are a continuous climb. Initial progress is not apparent from where I stand, but looking behind shows how far I have come.The time I’ve put into my goals have spanned day and night, so have I really minded? Absolutely not. I have found my tasty shit sandwich. You have to do it for yourself. Does the conversion mean more than the progress? Do you value things properly based on values you have set for yourself, or something else? Are you willing to stop complaining, and just CHOOSE
October 04, 2019
I'm excited that my website is now indexed. I've created a couple articles and still building it out. The progress that I have made on this journey is amazing! I even set up some social accounts for it as well. Oddly, the keyword research is my FAVORITE part. The process helps me come up with ideas for my website and my brainstorms always happen during that time. Similar to when your best thoughts come in the shower.. You release all control and let the ideas flow while going through the motion
September 30, 2019
I have liftoff! I have just registered my first Domain, and building out the site! Yay!